BTC ETF Filed Again / BTC Whale Sell-Off Potential / Litecoin Cash Attack / XRP Lawsuit / Much More!

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I guess I'll buy a few of them no big deal :)

I can't help but think once/if the ETF gets approved that the price will soar. On the other hand there will be many funds and institutions interested in seeing the price stay down. After all when the announcement is made and the ETF is accepted, there will be at least a year before it is a working product. Those who want to buy that ETF eventually will be unhappy about the price once that year is up...

Thx Crytp0!!

You rock Crypt0!! Upvoted!

Interesting - these BTC whales are ruthless.

Is the video missing?????

Great video! Resteemed.

Crypto is going crazy!

Let's take this to the next level!!!

The fact that the person is moving 8,000 BTC to an exchange could also be that they are seeking to diversify into other assets as most trading pairs use BTC. A person or entity holding that much BTC would normally use a OTC firm to sell that amount of BTC if they are smart. Remember, if they dump all that into the market via exchanges, the rest of their BTC holdings will take a hit and that represents 90% of their position.

Some serious news this week, wow!

Thanks a lot for all this information, much appreciated.

Namaste :)

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Hey Omar, thanks as usual for the heads up, Dont you think all this EOS drama is going to blow up sooner or later? Also, now that BTC seems to have broken down that magic triangle dont you think everyone is going to follow?

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BTC ETF could make the market finally get out of its rut for sure! However, not sure how many could handle a $200k price tag.

This is a very serious week for crypto market. Thanks for the info, omar