Ep. #523- $55,000 Bitcoin By 2022 / IRS Recedes In Court / TenX Pay Token Drops 100% / 7ype / More!

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Thanks. Always love your channel.

Always love watching the videos mate! Im ready for Bitcoin to get over 50K....SIGN ME UP!

Your beard looks on point. I want that beard...

Definitely one of my favorite yet. Might have to check that ico out. Also, that clean cut is killer man. Keep em coming.

Checked out 7ype - can confirm seems legit even though website looks a bit 'old school'.

Highlights include:

20 feature films already signed up to the service
The whitepaper is very easy and simple to read
The Roadmap appears to be quite realistic.
~7 days left on the '50%' discount period.
Oh and bonus the main guy on this project was an actor in Rogue One: Star wars story (Samuel Victor)!

Agree, I read the whole whitepaper today. It is actually like a pre-whitepaper for information ahead of the pre-sale and there will be a longer more detailed whitepaper coming out before the full price ICO starts on 17-7-17. You can tell reading the paper that he has been working on this concept for many years and is really committed to making it work. He is pinning his reputation on this and is flaunting it through his twitter (where he is followed by the Barack Obama himself) and other social media accounts. At the same time he is not aggressively marketing or advertising the ICO and will be happy to go ahead with however much finding they receive.
One thing I learnt from the white paper is how convoluted and rigged the whole movie funding scene is. Is makes sense that the big dogs are dominating distribution and using it to hog all the profits, he explains this really well (better than me).
One risk is that movies made/funded through this channel will be shunned by the big distribution companies like Universal Pictures and whoever else. I see this as a fairly low risk considering his network and the network of the other people in the movie business who will be involved and invested in this project. Another is that all the initial films produced are flops and don't make any money to pay back the initial investments. This risk could be mitigated by Samuel investing the proceeds of ICO that are not yet spent in BTC, ETH and DASH as per he suggests he will in the whitepaper which could provide much more money to make movies and pay back the original investments.
Alternatively I think this project could see massive support from the film industry from people who want to see it success for the good of the industry and the good of more original ideas and artistic creation coming back into films. If it does averagely well it would pretty quickly become well known you would think among the producer and acting communities and they are great candidates to invest, participate and support the project and you could see some famous actors keen to get involved through pure interest and support for their own investments in the project.
One final point I would make is that because this ICO is capped and capped at quite a small limit if people do get wind of it and there is substantial interest people are likely to miss out and the very limited supply when it becomes available could see high demand as happened with the majority of early stage ICOs. So it could make a good trade, although I bought a couple hundred bucks worth and I will be using it to help fund some cool movies - and then hopefully get them back as per the intended rules of the project once the slate of movies make a profit :)
Thanks Crypt0 for giving him the shout out and me the chance to research it and get in early! You should all check it out especially if you like movies!

Sick! Thanks for doing the research. Now I'm super stoked.

nice news!

Good vid as usual

Rather than the speculation of $55,000. I want to see companies on board with BTC, every company!

@crypt0 went to go hear Tom Lee speak a few years ago at Miami Annual CFA meeting. TL knows what he is talking about ;-)

Always looking forward to crypto news, and yes, I was wondering what happened when I didn't see a new one the past few days. I hope you and your brother had fun :)

That 7ype pre-sale ICO seems pretty interesting, really limited amount of coins and for movie production? Seems very cool.

I really enjoyed the episode Omar! Thanks for keeping us always up to day on the daily happenings. I work a lot, and don't have as much time to devote to "staying in the loop" as I used too. You offer a invaluable service to our community!

Seems to get faster The more non physical it is.
I think we stilla re in the phase of proving for the masses that crypto can be a store of value .
(Saw it on twitter while watching this so have not fact checked.)

Hi Omar, Thanks for the great video!
It’s great news about coinbase. It’s a step in the right direction, however I hope they will continue to fight the good fight!
I’m really bummed that I bought some tenX tokens today before I watched your video :( I guess I’ll be a bag holder for a few months till the price goes back up.

@crypt0, have you heard of onG.Social? Anyone buying into their ICO?

My mannn, always bringin the fire on cryptos :)

Always a good post my buddy @crypt0 keep steeming and thanks for the info.
Is EOS and especially Bitshares a good hold?am looking at it as a good investment

I think TenX is currently undervalued and has some potential for increase.

Crypto for life
Cryptocurrency is like your better half now.

Lookin slick there Omar, keep up the good work!

There is always some notifications from a lot of government sources that Bitcoin will reach $10,000 or $20,0000 but reality is that even they can't know it's future for sure.
The point is Bitcoin is not centralized. It is decentralized, so no one and I mean NO ONE can estimate it's value for sure. For a minute it's price can increased to $500 and other minute it can fall to $600. And this is very same thing hapenning right now. Crypto currency is news driven or should I say rumors or hype driven. Nowadays there's a hype about Segwit and the people are exiting market like there's no tomorrow. And this is making the Bitcoin price falling rapidly.
So, as soon as it remains in people's hand Bitcoin future is really uncertain.
But I hope you and other government people are true @crypt0 . I really want to see it's price touching at least $20,000 mark.
Thanks for the video though.

Great video @crypt0, as always. I've been following for a while now and have really enjoyed your take on the space. I've been attempting to do some recaps of my own as well to help keep people informed. I'd love your feedback and insight if you ever have a chance to check them out.

TenX dropped so much because price was based on futures, it happens the same thing with almost all ICOs.... as soon as they reach the exchange they drop because the futures are not considering the ICOs price but the exchanges must...

So true, always some crazy bot that buys small amount at insane price followed by 99-1000% drop

But even after 100% drop some tokens/coins remain above ICO price

Can anyone find better channel with Crypt0News? ... i don't think so... Im a huuuuge fan!

true the best one

I would like to think, that crypto gonna be a good crypto, but time is time and the crypto world can take it's time sometime to choose his buzz crypto

A friend of mine has been trying to get me to watch your videos for a while. You've got some great information, and a real passion for the topic. Thanks

Thanks for keeping us always up to day on the daily happenings. I want to see companies on board with BTC, every company!

@crypt0 Hey bro thanks for delivering great content i follow you on youtube and i'm happy to find you here plus i followed you thanks much

Wow! Bitcoin value will reach $55,000. O_o
So buying bitcoin is still profitable?!

But who knows what may happen in future. :p
We should invest that much which we are ready to lose. :D

BTW great crypt0 news as always. Thanks @crypt0.

If you think a currency that tops out at 5 tx/s and confirms in an average of 14 minutes with high fees is a good investment, I have a bridge to sell you. Bitcoin has had 8 YEARS to address scaling problems; it indicates an inherently incompetent development team when there are younger, drastically superior currencies on the market.

Brand name. Same thing with Microsoft. And many others we use everyday. Don't under estimate the power of brand name.

I've been hearing this for years... yet BTC is still the king.

BTC 10K by 2020 atleast!

Yo Cute pup. I Always enjoy Omars Video blogs.

Thanks for sharing the great information! These are definitely the hot topics of today and Bitcoin has been on my radar for the past couple of weeks. We need to watch out for a downturn in the future (via the Elliot Wave), but look for a rally afterwards. I see Bitcoin going above $3,000 again by September, if not earlier, and will be interested to see how the IRS deals with cryptocurrencies going forward. Thanks for the updates :)

Do you think eos is a good long term hold?

eos is kind of scary man, like as I type this its down -15.76% , and all the other top 20 coins are in the green with 10-20% gains right now.

You are go to person when it comes to blockchain and crypto. the best thing is you speak your heart out and very transparent.
thank you for being you.

Thanks for the great info as always @crypt0

You are one of the few members bringing constant good information on crypto news. So much to learn and grow!

The sky is the limit!

awesome links provided. I have gone through some of these links randomly and found very useful. thanks @crypt0...

Good news and beautifully presented!

Nice! Always appreciate your vids bro, keep up the great work!!!
Long time follower.
Feel free to check me out and follow back if interested. Cheers

always get info in Crypto space Omar

Hi @crypt0 just realized you had a Steemit account, love your work on Youtube man. Come take a look at my blog @tradealert, it's all about crypto and trading strategies for smart money, follow me if you like what you see!

I love your vibes man!

Bitcoin price is hard to predict. 4 year ago , price on Bitcoin was less than a hundred dollars. Before the end of the year, it reached a thousand dollars and settled around 10x price of july 2013 price for the next 2 years
july 2013-2.png
jan 2014-2.png

For the TENX PAY token, I read the TENX medium post. Even if the number are correct , I think people did not buy the PAY Token for dividends alone. If they did , then they are long gone now as price dropped 99%. I pick some up for $1  Monaco (MCO) token which does the same as TENX PAY is priced at around $1.50. So might at least get some gain if PAY match MCO

The 7ype ICO , looks a bit iffy if he just want $1M. Don’t think you can make a movie for a million dollars.
Unless it is Blair Witch. And they were not able to replicate that
Note : This year “small” budget top grosser is GET OUT. Which was made with a budget of $5m

so if we put our id on the blockchain - i can see downside in loss of privacy and wonder what is the upside ? am your new follower

Your calculation is kind of right @crypt0 but you are missing the context. I really like your video but i make a small correction:*0,005/200.000.000=1$ <-- Thats true!
That means at a price of 1$ per token, that there would be a 100% dividend on top to your holdings.
Lets say in the end 4 Billion revenue would lead to 10 cents. Thats 10%, which would be really great! Stratis and Reddcoin offers you something like 5%.

Context is important doing the math to be fair with @tenx :)

I´ll still keep up liking your good content

Wallace is cool! Thanx for the intel!

Triple speed for sure!

Informative. This is nice news

Always great information. Thank you man!

Nice news :)

Very interesting @crypt0. Right now we are crossing over a thin red line which separates us between going down without brakes or jump to the sky of high values. Let's hope we follow the second one :-)

Your videos are great!!! I am the "little sister" so, any opportunity to be able to sound wiser to my "crypto crazy" brothers... hahaha (you are helping a good cause. lol)

Which I wrote about a little earlier... if you feel like taking a peek :)


always with a fresh cut bro!

Love the quick live shout outs! Never miss an episode man! Even if I cant catch them live or get them late its always a good break to catch the news.

Continuing to enjoy your videos (and your dog). Appreciate the suggestion to try increasing video speed - I'm using it on the occasional YT video now with some of my slower subs, and it's great!

L0ve the d0g in the vid ;) He was just being shy in front of the camera ha!
And the video was superb!

Thanks for keeping the content coming! Don't stop!

I'm wondering if these ICO will truly deliver what they claim in their whitepaper?

To me the space seems stagnant in terms of adoption with no real progress being made yet just cluttered with ICOs. I recently wrote an article about DASH that would be interesting to know if you have an opinion as I know you previously supported DASH in your videos.



I remember 8 months ago i collected approximately 0.4 bitcoins at a price of 230 $ (887$ Now) from gambling just to get my hands on a PS4 sadly i lost at them all on one match -no ps4 for me :(- i still regret that day .SAD STORY Indeed :'(

I dont think $55000 is the actual price prediction for 2022.. Just imagine this if bitcoin want to behave as a currency then it must worth atleast a million..!!!