Ethereum HALVENING! / Blockstream Threatens Lawsuits? / Whopper Coin / Estonia Coin / Much More!

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Big Fan of Omar @crypt0 and the Crypto info that he puts out !!

im from estonia so its interesting to have estcoin haha , whopper coin is interesting too but i thought its only for now for russia only, waiting for bigmac coin so i can eat for free in McDonald , waiting your giveaway :p

we definetely need a kebab coin

AHahaha Whopper coin? That is awesome, I wonder why they decided to only do it in Russia??

Hopefully they do it in other areas!!!

Friend i am new at steemit please help me

I think the ethereum halvening is the beginning of the run up to metropolis updates. We've already seen increased volume more than 30 days from the supposed release of the first part.

Loved the funny start :D

Thanks for the many & varied informations. You sure seem to stay aprized of things. Have u heard of Bitshares?

I read a 'bit' about it this a.m. (on #STEEMIT). Not exaggerating, there are a lot of people who are interested in it - as it's a decentralised exchange.

Know of ? Thoughts..?
ALSO: Do u have any thoughts/ideas on AUG (Augur)?

the bitcoin fight is all about control and hence centralisation. BCH may be the real deal!!

Thx @crypt0 for another great video.
That news on the halvening is sad, even though i learnt about it a couple months ago i had forgotten it was happening. I only recently got a mining rig working, hopefully a price jump will offset the half rewards.

Has any one found info on the exact day for the ETH halving? I can't find anything specific on Google.


wonder if that Estonia coin has anything to do with the country, cuz that is something scammers might try...
you should know whole country has just 1 million people, so small city by US standarts

Doesn't matter how small is a country. Corruption and size are not necessary correlated. Estonia so far as I know wants to be a high tech country investing quite a lot into digitisation, if i am not wrong they have also the elections via internet. However I don't know the Estonia Coin, you need to research more about the project. Just don't judge the country by its size or geographic region.

Lol I am from Latvia, Estonia is just's more expensive to live there, so they go shopping over border into my country...
What I mean is even if all children and elderly use that crypto, it wouldn't top BTC...

Ethereum is a sleeping "monster" right now.
Thanks again for the news, always with important news that nobody talks about

This may be a step in the right direction, as far as adapting a food chain crypto, but please let all make healthier choices. There are too many cows used for mass food production, emitting gases into the atmosphere.

whooper coin and burger king its really intrested and new and thanx for to some decribe in details and also i see a link about whooper coins but thats in russian so i didnot read that and now from ur know some about it @crypt0 ....also ur dogi look cute whats name your dogi

Hi Omar, I wanted to let you know that this individual is posting your work on steemit. They did give credit outside the title. I flagged him for other thievery but leave your content to you.

Love your videos, man. Just found your channel this week after finally getting into crypto. Keep it up!

the whooper coin just shocked me today :O

Seems like I would have missed that nice information if I hadn't seen it in your title.

Please, please, pretty please, include a brief summary of your YouTube posts at the top of the text. I'm usually on my mobile device and don't want to click through to YouTube or to start watching the video to find out what it covers in more detail than the brief title. Plus there are dozens of videos on Steemit every hour and I don't have the time to check them all out.

I think by adding summaries you will get more click throughs, more views and more upvotes.

Great post! Keep it up.

This is very good

I think the ethereum halvening is the beginning of the run up to metropolis updates. So it is very god

Thanks again man for all you do for the crypt0 community


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