SEC Chair: BTC Is NOT A Security / Billionaire's Favorite Coins / Free BAT Token Promo / More!

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Brave Browser and BAT tokens are a great concept and I support them fully.

Damn i missed the BAT train i think.

BTC is definitely not a classic security, but the question is what it is legaly?

Meanwhile the former SEC chairman Mary Jo is in an ongoing GAME-CHANGING class action lawsuit representing #XRP in what very may well set a precedent for the integration and/or regulation of crypto into our economy.

This is the rhetoric we need to hear from regulators as the FUD spread has been too negative. Regulation will ultimately help the technology as quality projects are governed correctly. Given the statement, I also can’t see hoe ETH will be a security as it has no returns related to it other than the change in price which is mainly related to its deman to use the network. That is why many mention the oure utility token not be mistaken with a security.

Brave browser is much quicker and also uses leas data as it prevents trackers and pop ups while you browse.

Thanks for sharing
All what I needed to hear

Hey that was Kenn Bosak with the donation/contribution! He is appearing on a Crypto Meetup on June 14th in Canada. I heard it from @barrydutton.

Hello to @kennethbosak!

These guys from SEC are so ignorant and arrogant (including SEC CEO), that they don't even get it: if they want to "regulate" crypto space, they need to create new set of rules. Special for crypto assets.

BAT is cool but it’s a clusterfuck trying to get the BAT you earn from the system... We can’t figure out how to withdraw and that Uplift wallet platform is TRASH 👎🏽 It would be so much nicer if the BAT distribution wasn’t so centralized and if it could just go straight to your MEW... Looks like it has to be converted to Fiat..?

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