The Crypto Market Is In FULL BLOWN DOWNFALL! What Is Going On People??

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Weak hands my friend..

30% discount. Time to buy.

Explosive growth is always followed by a pullback, followed by more growth. There is also talk of market manipulation to keep prices artificially low. Either way it's a good time to buy!

I'm hodling! Have bigger picture in mind!

Could it be TNABC selling?

Futures markets contracts expire tomorrow for BTC. Price has been below strike since they went on sale. You do the math.

well the @crypt0 is a great miami crypto master and share your videos on market reviews and talk on whole market in every video good man like your videos always and today market is many below and we are all upset and i think now a time to get some parties and go away from market for a long time still market come back
other wise good to watch you videos and your talk on marekt which gives us always a good opinions and newly informations which gain my knowledge on crypto
looking forward to see your next posts and a good post of market recover its value againg so we stick with you till listen a good news miami @crypt0 master

hahaa good job @omar enjoying your drink `when many of here not happy and leave eatings to see the crapto behaviour ...but i am still happy and know dont wrong and the up down is part of market so we dont feel painic if market is down down only relax and wait some days or one months and after sure we will be happy again to see the market and its my observation that the after down market go more high no worry if a big red on wait for a bigger greeen,,,but to see btc look like as going to old and after die and other newly baby coins going to young and ethereum classic is not going more up from last months whats your suggestion on it etc is good coin for get a good profit if we hodl it for a long term or not hodl it ?
we keep calm and hodl and enjoying ourselves like you
also a beautifull scene of sea out of you room which you showing us

fantastic short term buying opportunity! RSI is way oversold... will bounce soon

Thank you for some common sense priciples for new investors to follow.
I think the current crypto downturn is undoubtedly linked to the futures markets where speculators see bitcoin as a new toy from which to make
easy profits.
Anyone any ideas on how the crypto community can take down the wall street speculators?
You are right bitcoin cannot go to zero. It costs $3,500 in energy to produce one bitcoin.
People must think for themselves and put the time into reading and researching new developments.

the principle issue is that individuals get into cryptos when their costs are very high and they never perceived how the costs fall frequently. That is to say, once you're into cryptos for a more drawn out time, you'll see these defeats happening constantly. It's the way digital forms of money are. What's more, I concur, insofar as you're holding, you're not by any stretch of the imagination losing anything. When you offer at a lower value, that is the point at which you lose your ventures. I believe there's nothing to stress over by any stretch of the imagination.

a debt of gratitude is in order for share crypt0 it s decent video I generally time saw your video

Ya, sir your post is all time helpful & informative post.i follow your video.
.thanks for post..

The market value of coins is directly proportional to bitcoin. if the bitcoin is dead, they will die with the coins.There is fear in people because BitCoin stock market value falls.Because of this, they are not investing.

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Your posts always amaze me.
Every time i see your post, i always feel happy and happy.

I want to comment while watching your video...Since South Korea's approach to the virtual money market is not clear, this affects the market in a negative way. South Korea, which has not been able to make a decision not to block trading with Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, is one of the reasons behind the huge decline we experienced this month. The uncertainty in the regulations to be done in Asian countries is also the ones that triggered the downward trend... @crypt0

Bitcoin is dying and its dragging the entire market down with it. The markets are literally joined at the hip with BTC, and when BTC falls because people have realized how slow and unreliable it is, the larger market ( the new money, people who have been in the game for less than 5 months) panics as they believe that bitcoin IS the market, and if bitcoin fails, then everything else does. This is part of the issue when people like Warren Buffett go on record saying that "Bitcoin is a bubble and will burst" That part is true, for the most part, not many people are willing to pay $36 for a transaction, especially one that takes an hour or more to confirm, and even more so when the developers make little attempt to fix the BTC network -

But when everyday people hear things like this is causes a massive amount of irrational fear...coupled with news from South Korea which was false, as well as news from traditional outlets that claim the market and Bitcoin are constantly dying. We risk going into a free fall in prices within the next few weeks if people don't stop spreading false information. The market dropped by 30% just on false news and an assumption that Korea MIGHT POSSIBLY COULD BE MAYBE be banned from the markets. What would happen if over a 3 day period Fox News and CNN falsely reported that "Bitcoin" was going to be banned in the US, without any proper sources to back it up? The market would implode all based on a rumour. This is why its VERY important to not follow false channels, or people looking to hype coins, its causing the market to expand in a direction that it shouldnt be going, which is the hype, pump, dump and the market is burning scenarios. This has a lasting effect on the human mind, and we'll pay for it eventually.

You copy and pasted that from elsewhere.

they are only arrangements and regulations that are being made, it is going to stabilize

That's very educative video.Thank you

Great video yet again. Its just a simple correction, happens every year especially before the chinese new year. The bull market will be back with a bang when bitcoin gets to over 20K, HODL guys :)

Double down.

time to buy!!!

Agreed! Buy on the dips or buy low sell high and don't play with more than you can afford to lose right? One must of known this was coming as the stories of people selling or second mortgaging their homes to buy tons o' CrYpTo's started to become everyday talk. You think the handlers of our lives are gonna pass on that easy fiat? Nah, when the sharks are done feasting things will rebound. You'll see it on the idiot box as prices stabilize and start to increase and then.... wash and repeat. Banksters never lose right. I do believe though that there is plenty of room for this market to expand and make many wealthy in the future. I don't believe its going anywhere but up. Just my opinion.

To many people investing for the money not the tech which doesn't help as it leads to tons of weak hands. On the plus side Bitconnect died in fire today... on that note does anyone else find it odd that Trevon openly said only days ago that he was going to stop talking about and promoting BitConnect which is also the same time Craig Grant took down all his affiliate links? I smell a rat, and it seems they almost certainly knew this was coming ahead of time (which is quite obvious by their actions in the days/weeks leading up to today).

Yeah, the main problem is that people get into cryptos when their prices are quite high and they never seen how the prices fall quite often. I mean, once you're into cryptos for a longer time, you'll see these downfalls happening all the time. It's the way crypto currencies are. And I agree, as long as you're holding, you're not really losing anything. Once you sell at a lower price, that is when you lose your investments. I think there's nothing to worry about at all. Let's chill out and wait for all the prices to rise again!

I’ll be firing some more bullets into this bleeding market! Been here more tha once. No worries!

Looks like it's time to buy as much as possible and then hold on. Crypto is still a relatively new idea so it is bound to be up and down until it becomes more accepted by the masses.

This recent dip is most likely caused by Asians cashing out for Lunar New Year... Of course that dip then caused panic selling, but I think it will recover! The last three years, the Yearly-Lows have been at around the exact same time, three weeks before the Lunar New Year.
Actually, I wrote a more detailed post about that today, you can read it on my blog!

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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.
Thank-you @crypt0 for supporting

Thank you for sharing this informative post with videos, I think have to need hold all crypto @crypt0

It's BUY time! Wringing out the weak sauce. Well done, crypt0! Upvoted and resteemed.

I'd disagree with you on all Indians being interested in medicine, but the Indian doctors I know wouldn't be very good evidence to back that up.

"Did you know that there are more trees on planet earth than there are stars in the galaxy?"


Don't be a bag hodler, be a smart person!

Anyone who has a bank account can hate on ripple, considering they don't really need ripple to implement their own interbank system like it (surprise, they already have one, just without a coin), and ripple requires a lotttt of trust in institutions anyhow.

Tether's price is only going up because many are fleeing to it for "safety" when all coins are down because they don't understand what Tether even is!!! Most exchanges don't have real USD or any fiat exit doors! It doesn't mean it's stable at all, rofl. Huge misnomer.

And we need at least 420 potcoins.

HODL on tight to your dreams

Downfall? I can see a 50% off sale sign!