Be informed about Crowdsales, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) opportunities.

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An extensive list of crypto-projects seeking for funds.

A place where ICO of various crypto-projects can be found in a very concise manner.
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@liondani another place which can be of interest will be
also, the guys at @chaindynamics are doing tremendous work at reviewing new coin announcements & listings >>

Thanks, the authors link seems to be broken but this was very helpful!

Other than nxt, has there ever been a crowdsale that didn't turn out to be a better buy for a period of time after the crowdsale?

The first block chain based Virtual Reality gaming crypto! NEVERDIE coin will allow monetizing the game items in real cash economy game Entropia Universe. NOW game player can cash out their in-game money earned by playing game and can exchange NEVERDIE coin with other ERC20 tokens such as Gnosis, Golem, and Frist Blood.
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