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This is it, this is what I've been waiting for the entire year. Synereo's Wildspark product will be out in 16 hours or less, so make sure you don't miss it, sign up for it early:

Sign Up for Wildspark

I have been talking about Synereo for 7 months now, and I believe this will be the event of the year. A very innovative app that took a long time to develop but the team has put a lot of work and effort into it to make it as usable and attractive as possible. It is the first product of Synereo, and it will be open beta on August 13, but since the team was very hard working they are ahead of schedule so they have announced in the AMA video that they will be releasing it after 36 hours from that event, so that leaves us with only 16 hours left. Dor announced it at 7:44 PM and now it's 22:00 PM so that is only roughly 16 hours left after publishing this.


So drop everything you are doing and sign up for Wildspark it's gonna be a great app, I am very excited about this:

I am telling you this is it, this is the big day we have been waiting for so I think after this the entire world will change. This small app can really shake up the world of advertising, content creation, or in one word the attention economy. To describe it in 1 word it's going to be purely awesome.

I believe the price of AMP will be skyrocketing after the release, the buy wall is already thickening on major exchanges, and my bags are already full. I think there is still time left to buy AMP but I don't think there is much, this baby can go to the moon at any moment.

I expect easily 100,000 satoshi price / AMP in just the short term, who knows by 2018 what the price will be, but this project really has a very hardworking professional team, which you don't see many places else, which means that this project is severely undervalued, and the market ought to correct this at some point. So a 100,000 satoshi price for this is very conservative valuation, it might even be a lot more than that after they start improving on the project and release more innovative things, there were even rumors of a decentralized video sharing platform, but I'll just leave it at that, I don't want to make you over excited beyond what you should be.

Well the price is 9800 satoshi now, and it would not take a lot of juice to pump that to 98000 satoshi, the market can really do it, I think the value of this project speaks for itself.

When I first talked about AMP the price was almost at 3000 satoshi, since then there was a rollercoaster, but it can easily go back up to the 40000 ICO level, and even past beyond that.

If this was worth 40,000 satoshi at the ICO without a product, well then expect it to be worth double or triple with a working and innovative product, and a lot lot more in the future.

Get AMP Here:

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Ive just bought.
Where should I store my coins?
Do you recomend any wallet?

Synereo AMP can be stored on a Bitcoin wallet, since the transactions take place in the bitcoin network.

Thanks a lot!

I have about 4K AMP which I got at 8k sats if it goes to 40k sats I'm going to be one happy man :)

It was already 40k at the ICO when it was overhyped and without a product, now it has a product so I guess the price will be much much higher in the end.

Awesome post!
So i went and signed up.
Gotta wait to go live to get account setup im guessing. Looks awesome!

I will buy it asap ,looking really promising

It is an amazing project, I am all in.

Damn ,all in . If I could do the same ,but I dont have much funds..

Well not technically all in, I have a portfolio, but AMP is a sizeable part of my portfolio. I put good money in this, and I expect huge returns, this project has a lot of potential.

Sounds real deal . Man ,I will looking forward to sell my other coins to get amp asap . Do you think price will rise fast?

I don't think it will be sudden, but I think the price will rise in the next couple of days to a significantly higher level. I am very sure of this. This is a very bullish event in my opinion.

hey buddy ,i already bought them :)

They lost their lead technical developer. I have my doubts that they can make anything competitive with Steemit.

That is old news, since then they have hired a lot of people, if I heard it correctly, they have 13 people working on the project right now. The original lead developer had different, kind of bogus ideas, it is good that he left the project.