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RE: SEC Rules Tokens Could Be Securities / Russian Airline Using Ether / ETH & ZEC Atms

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While it might lead to a lot more oversight, the SEC getting involved might make actually increase cryptocurrency adoption. There's actually quite a few scams going on in several of the ICOs. Some more regulatory oversight might make other investors more confident in investing ICOs.


Government granting special privilege to a select group will never help. We need to take personal responsibility and do our own research to protect ourselves. If you leave your protection and education up to somebody else you will ALWAYS get burned.

So true, it's absolutely up to us to do our own due diligence. The minute you give that to someone else, you might as well stick your money in the stock market in mutual funds or ETFs instead of crypto.

Only invest in Technologies you actually believe in, in which team members are actively talking about what they are creating, that can helps minimize the risk.

If they can't be visible and talking about what they believe in why should you!

I definitely agree with the research to protect ourselves. I believe that we are ultimately responsible for our well being.

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