The Wild West of Crypto IMHO

in #crypto4 years ago

This most recent Altcoin dip and the resultant howls of horror from the Poloniex trollbox made me wistfully remember the days of GAWminers, and Cryptsy. Seems so long ago now.

I'm sure looking back from the future on these teething pains of this nascent technology will trigger the sense memory of both dread and horror interspersed with fleeting moments of elation and triumph.

The important thing is that not only are we participating but that we believe and know that the future will be more just and fair in the future thanks to our efforts. If and when BTC explodes or collapses, then explodes again, just stay strong, and keep your wits about you. Nothing is guaranteed in this life. And in many ways Crypto is just a microcosm of life in general.