My biggest regret during the 2017 crypto bull run

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Ever had one of those moments in life where you wish you could go back in time and undo your mistakes? Well this one happened to me during the December 2017 crypto bull run and to this day, there are times I still look back and ask myself what if. You see, my biggest regret that time was I didnt take any profit when the prices of coins went through the roof. Not even a dime out of any of my investments.

How I got started with cryptocurrencies

I first got into cryptos around May of 2017 when I asked a friend of mine where he's investing his hard-earned money in, and he introduced me to bitcoin. When I went home that day, I searched about it, got interested about the technology, researched about cryptocurrencies some more the following weeks and started gradually investing on some of these coins. I stumbled upon Steemit around September 2017, fell in love with the platform and invested more of my money on some steem.

My reason for not taking any profit

When cryptos started to moon during December 2017, I was pretty naive to this whole investment thing and got a bit too greedy. I was really thinking the prices will keep going up and up even until 2018.

And then when prices started to go down, I thought eventually it will go back up. How wrong I was! Now here I am, 2 years in and my portfolio is still intact. Maybe the only good that comes out of all this for me is that I didn't sell any of my coins during the bear market so basically I didnt lose anything just yet.

Lesson learned

In hindsight, I should have sold some of my coins when I had the chance. Some of my coins went up 500% or more that time and I should have done better judgment. I wonder what my lifestyle right now would have been had I done so. Oh well, we live and learn. Hopefully there's another bull run just around the corner. Only this time, I'm wiser now and hopefully I won't be foolish enough to make the same mistake again.

How about you guys? Did you manage to sell some of your coins during the crazy 2017 bull run? If you did, how has it impacted your lifestyle after?

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No regrets, we are still in very early stages 😁👊

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yeah. sometimes i just cant help but look back.. hehe past is past though..

Well... Regret or not, it has already happened and we can't do anything to change that. Just like me stumbled upon bitcoin in 2009 for the first time... And I have no idea what it was, I thought it's like those online game credit token. So I didn't do anything because I didn't know how and what exactly it was. Then the second time again I looked at bitcoin when it was about $400+ and with the guidance of @littlenewthings I started to collect them through faucets and back then it was easy. But again I passed the chance of investing to it. And now looking at the price (don't look at the high, just look at the price now at about $8000), I should be kicking myself pretty hard for not making the decision back then. Well, investment is sure something I need to learn and I must learn... And I am learning it by doing it, thanks to @bitrocker2020, @joannewong and @khimgoh...
So lesson learned. No overthinking, start taking actions. 💪

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wow you were in so early! where did you hear about bitcoin by the way? i remember hearing about it late 2014 from my coworkers and thought its just another version of paypal or something and didnt pay much attention to it. i was just surprised why they never turn off their computers after work in the office. turns out they were using the company's computer and electricity to mine bitcoins. haha

The first time, not sure... as I was always looking into "making money online" since the year 2000.

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No worries, you, me and all community here and in blockchain in general, are the early birds, thats why the great prospects are just ahead !

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