There is a big decline in crypto money

in #crypto4 years ago

With the impact of the emergence of new information, the price of Bitcoin, the world's largest virtual currency in terms of market value, and the prices of other leading crypto-currencies continue to fall. The decline in prices has also led to the discovery of $ 1.7 billion worth of crypto money in the hands of the MTGox custodian.
In terms of market value, the price of Bitcoin, the world's biggest virtual currency, and the prices of other leading crypto-currencies continue to decline.

Prices were put under more pressure on Wednesday's rumors of a hacker attack on the Hong Kong-based Binance stock exchange.

On Thursday, Binance announced that they had "stopped a transaction" because of the fact that "a major Internet fraud and theft attempt" was experienced, but investors' money was not stolen.

In addition, on Wednesday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission warned investors about the risk of using crypto money exchanges.

The SEC stated that the stock exchanges that trade "commodity digital assets" must register with the agency.

The agency said, "Investors should not be lagging behind trading protocols that meet the SEC registered national securities exchange standards."

Following these attacks, in the light of regulatory pressures, Japanese financial regulators on Thursday punished several cryptographic exchange exchanges and stopped trading for two months.

Finally, according to the new information that we are seeing in the past days, in 2014 a cigarette worth $ 1.7 billion worth of crypto money, which is in the hands of the MTGox stock exchange, Kayyum sold $ 400 million of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to pay damages to the stockbrokers.

However, Mt. There are still more than 166 Bitcoins (about $ 1.5 billion) and $ 197 million worth of BCH in the hands of my Gox custodian. They are expected to be sold out in the near future.

Bitcoin is trading at $ 9,165, down slightly by 0.60% day-on-week, after dropping about 7% to the day and starting at $ 8,428. Bitcoin was down on Friday at the 5-week low of $ 8,351.

The current market value of a total of 1556 virtual currencies traded on the 9,279 stock market has declined to 378 billion dolars.


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