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GoCHain faster than light.


The innovations in the blockchain world surpass the expectations of the users every day, today we will carry out an excautive analysis of the proposal that GoCHain makes to the world. This cryptocurrency that seeks to solve the problems of scalability on the part of ethereum, that arise when it is looked for to increase the profitability and the growth of the company, is the reason why GoCHain offers to offer a service of greater speed and quality, something that Most companies are looking for it today.

Each company has as a central objective to be profitable and have a constant growth that does not affect any area of the organization, to provide an optimal service and with an important fluidity in all its process, in the business field it is the vision for the future that presents the GoCHain project. let's put aside paper and pencil contracts, GoCHain offers us intelligent contracts and an automated system under the supervision of a blockchain technology. This is the nice panorama offered by GoCHain that meets the ideal conditions that an organization should have

Going forward and betting on constant development GoCHain is a worthy example of business organization with a decentralized sense of integration and that is why some companies have already put their finger on this organization.

Immediate improvements of GoCHain.


Promote training plans for new users who do not know the advantages and operation of GoCHain. It is vital for your growth; the speed of the transactions must be constant and not go into the known problems of scalability, since this is one of the reasons why customers support this project, speed 100k speed and low cost is the main attraction of the followers of GoCHain and that is why they will be in constant growth.


A microentrepreneur sells 50 pairs of shoes to a company outside their territorial latitudes, is it an unknown customer who does not have confidence? What is money? It is an accepted asset according to its classification throughout the world, but why is it accepted? Because it has a value? How is it that a paper or a computerized virtual number has value? the answer is the TRUST deposited by the human being in it, this is when the chain of scalability blocks plays an important role. GoCHain can perform the transaction in 1sec and 1299 as is. The GoCHain transaction guarantee are fast and secure. The lowest possible cost in such a way that the micro or macro businessmen can bet on this platform and carry out their transactions in total normality.

What does GoCHain offer us specifically?


Gochain is our financial institution to which we place all our trust, today citizens generate assets which are invested in food, health, education, housing, basic services that we all know, others bet on saving thinking about the future which It is very valid in a rising economy. that is why GoCHain is of vital importance to its users every person who wants to make a fast, secure, and low cost transaction, something very important is the confidence that GoCHain has in belonging to the block scale, its transactions are 100 % safe and the scam margin is practically null and impossible, being decentralized is another attractive service offered by this platform, it does not depend on any government, and it always aims at the integration of medium and large entrepreneurs. These are some of the interesting advantages that this entity can offer you.

"That's what GoChain is about.
• 10 times more decentralized
• 100x more transactions per second
• 1000 times less energy used".

GoCHain Expansión


There are countries in which your economy depends on good or bad decisions made by your government. Quote economically the example of my country. Venezuela imagines a ministry making public works payments to US companies for services provided using a financial institution to a scalable chain of blocks and in GoCHain it would have transparency, minimum commission payments, that would dare to modify payments to get rich with money of the state? If it sounds good and it would happen all over the world if GoCHain executes a transmission chord of your project.

Reputation is everything


"Reputation is fundamental for a company, a company that acts unethically on many levels, including financial (fines, loss of income), declining valuation, brand (distrust) and public relations. clients, it can take years to recover it. "
The trust generated by GoCHain is so important that we mention the following example: a citizen presents a business in which he has to invest a large amount of money, and the figures presented are 100% of the profits, but the company's level Confidence is very low, would you approve this business? Today the answer greater than 50% would be negative.

"We used the Volkswagen emissions scandal as an example, they worked alone to deceive the public and their own customers, and once caught, it was a financial and public relations disaster that cost them $ 25 billion, a 50% drop in the The price of the shares and its brand lost a lot of confidence, its reputation was put to the test and it paid dearly.The proof of reputation is based on this risk of significant loss to allow trust in the network. "

The call is to the integration to this platform because as everything in life seeks to improve and direct your project in a concrete manner, and has as its central objective to improve the scaling problem presented by ethereum, the problem of scalability exists in all cryptocurrencies. GoCHain and its improvement is up, it's confidence and speed is verifiable every day are more users who manage ethereum for your transactions your income can be transformed to cryptonems by the application zelle that came to the market of use in 2017 every day are more users handle this application and their problems of fluency will be presented in an ascending way by the high number of users, if you doubt that GoCHain is an excellent option.

For more information watch this short introduction:

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