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Hey Steemians, how is 2020 going for you so far? Hope that all is going well. What is Helios? It is a protocol that is built on DAG technology. Every wallet has it's own blockchain, you can send as many transactions at a single time as you wish!

I don't know why you would have a reason to send 50 different transactions at one time but (maybe if you were doing payroll) but it is possible if that is what you would like to do! With the speed of technology, there are awesome advancements every few months.

SteemIt is a great chain to build dApps on as well as ETH. The problem with ETH is the bandwidth issues, as more people build on the chain the slower the network becomes. Helios solves this with lightning-fast transactions and low fees! Tommy Mckinnon is the man behind the project.

He is a great guy that has built up a loyal awesome community. If you have already built your dApp on the ETH network, it is so easy to migrate to Helios with just a click of the mouse!

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Simultaneous Transactions, Scalability, & Growth

What Helios Protocol has essentially done is tied the scaling of the Protocol, with the scaling of computer hardware. If you consider how massive the computer hardware market is, and how much demand there is for faster hardware, it is clear to see that things will reliably scale year after year. That means the chain will continue to grow year after year so it will never slow down it won't ever have the "bottleneck issues" that a lot of other chains deal with and it is cheap and one-click migration!

This is an amazing technology with every wallet independently and simultaneously on its own chain. As a brief exercise, let's consider the scenario at some time in the future a few years from now, where computer hardware is no longer the bottleneck. Let us assume and the Helios protocol has 30 million wallets, which is approximately the number of Ethereum wallets as of now, and each blockchain could process 15 tx/sec, which is the approximate speed of a single Ethereum blockchain. The transaction throughput of the Helios protocol for this scenario can be calculated by

TX-throughput = 30000000/2 x 15,

where the first term is the number of wallet addresses divided by 2 because there are 2 wallets involved in each transaction, and the second term is the transaction rate of each blockchain. This results in a Helios protocol transaction throughput of 225 million tx/sec. We can compare this to Bitcoin's 4 tx/sec or Ethereum's 15 tx/sec in which case the Helios protocol is on the order of 50 to 20 million times higher throughput, respectively.

Secondly, wallets are allowed to add new transactions and blocks to their own blockchain at any time they choose. Back to my original point, I don't know why you would do this unless you paying payroll or something but if you wanted to do this you absolutely could! Lightning-fast speeds and low transaction fees this is a developers' dream chain! This allows transactions to take place on demand. There is no longer the need to wait for the next block to be mined like a traditional blockchain. So not only is the transaction throughput increased, the transaction latency is decreased as well.

Another beautiful thing about Helios that is virtually unseen in any other cryptocurrency with each wallet having its own chain and Helios using the PoS and the very well studied and thoroughly understood physics of magnetism this enables it to provide the layer of security and immutability as PoW but offers additional measures not seen anywhere else!

This is the exciting part, each wallet with its own chain has to create blocks and it has to sign them as the transaction is processed therefore it is impossible for anyone to change or edit the contents of anyone else's wallet or blockchain.

So if a block or transaction was changed after the transaction was received it is possible to find the offending wallet and remove the stolen funds! This isn't possible with any other crypto to date!

Helios is way ahead of its time with the growth, scalability, security, elasticity, and low fees that I highly recommend checking out what Helios could offer you if you're a developer or a dApp creator!

If you'd be interested in helping to spread the word about Helios and get well rewarded for your efforts click here https://bit.ly/JoinHeliosArmy

There are also daily and weekly airdrops as well as other bounties! Now is the time to come be a part of the system on the ground level before $HLS becomes a household name like $BTC and $ETH & $STEEM!


Just like the ever expa]nding space in the picture above the same with the Helios Protocol, you can run nodes with old laptops, you know the one you have laying around that is slow as heck to do anything on and is just collecting dust? Just fire that baby up connect it to the internet get the information on our Discord server which you'll find on the sign-up form above. If you don't have some of the social media accounts and usernames just yet don't worry, obviously you won't have a wallet address yet either we will get you set up with all of that after you're vetted and cleared!

On my sign up form, my name is already on the line for you so you don't have to worry about how to locate me or any of that once submitted and vetted they will tell me you're approved then I can start working with you one on one until you are comfortable and ready to rock! No lazy dead beats need to apply! We only want positive motivated people!

Again that sign-up form is right here https://bit.ly/JoinHeliosArmy