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Stablecoin is a great concept in cryptocurrency and blockchain economy, to secure digital assets from real-time makes volatility. With the purpose of minimizing market fluctuation in cryptocurrency. USDQ is one of the good assets to describe as a decentralized stable coin that is backed by bitcoin and pegged to the dollar and other currency of every country. USDQ is one of its kind ERC-20 decentralized stable assets. Right now issued 5,531,632.5042 USDQ collateralized. by 1,410.582 BTC (200% collateral).

Soon they will be launching PHPQ (Philippine Peso), JPYQ (Japan Yen), CNYQ (Chinese Yuan) HKDQ (Hong Kong Dollar), SGDQ (Singapore Dollar) pegged to those mentions national currency.


They are already listed on BTC-Alpha, IDEX, Hotbit, BTCNEXT, etc.
and applied for listing on those exchanges: IDAX, BitForex, KuCoin, and 20 more crypto exchanges.

USDQ also receives the highest ratings on the world’s largest crypto-ranking platforms such as ICO Birds, ICO marks, ICO bench, TrackICO, ICO Rating and also live on coinmarketcap as well as Coingecko.

Active Marketing campaigns

Recently they have announced the free tokens campaign or what we call the bounty campaign where everyone has an opportunity to earn without investing. All you need to do is complete some simple tasks and for each task, you get a certain reward.

I have created the guide for it here!

Their social media accounts as well are active, this means that the team is dedicated to share and current activity of USDQ.

The system works using the available pairs, USDQ and KRWQ.
Use to trade as any other stable coin on the market. BTC/USDQ, USDT/USDQ, USDQ/ETH, QDAO/USDQ pairs that anytime you can exchange it. The infographics below will tell how USDQ ecosystem is awesome.

The (CDPs) Collateralized Debt Position Smart Contracts

Collateral Assets can be used by anyone in order to create USDQ at Q DAO Platform. They do this by interacting with a special smart contract, identified as "Collateralized Debt Position". The Q DAO Governance, made up by holders of the Q DAO governance token, is charged with making decisions on Collateral Assets, allowed for the use.

CDPs (Collateralized Debt Position Smart) are simultaneously used to mint USDQ and accrue the debt. The user can withdraw the Collateral Assets at any time upon repayment of the USDQ amount, equal to the loan originally received. CDPs implement the "excessive collateralization" principle, assuring that the debt value never exceeds the value of the Collateral Assets. The technique enables CDPs to dampen a negative impact from sudden price movements for the Collateral Assets.


The Q BOX wherein scheduled to be released on Quarter 2 of this year. It is a neural network on our laptop that predict cryptocurrency behavior. Once it Launched, Q BOX has also an app on mobile devices. Having functionalities by predicting price movements for crypto assets, learning from price charts, crypto updates, and market news. It can also forecast prices for collateral assets and proposing potential changes to the collateralization rations. It means that these features will blend and tell what's appropriate on the platform.

The QDAO in which users can generate various stablecoins, currently USDQ and KRWQ are available. Q DAO holders can also participate in the votes for an Active Proposal, submitted by Q Box (neural network component) or Q DAO holders. The users who are inclined against the Active Proposal have to cast the "no" votes with their Q DAO tokens being burned upon the vote. 1 unit of the Q DAO token entitles a holder to 1 vote.

The Price Stability Solutions

The Target Price for USDQ means the price used to determine the value of the Collateral Assets, repayable to USDQ holders upon an Emergency Shutdown. USDQ features a soft peg to USD, meaning that a 1:1 peg is maintained most of time but some deviations might occur on occasion. The Target Price for 1 USDQ is 1 USD. Soon they also peg to the different national currency where everyone can use it and safety your asset on fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market.

Hope this article helps and finds you relevant details!

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