Glad to join Steemit!

in #crypto3 years ago (edited)

I've heard of this platform for a long time. Finally, I am part of it now. Exciting!

I entered in crypto space in 2017, starting with trading and storing some mainstream coins like BTC, ETH...

I think the crypto space is another milestone for human beings. In this epoch, we must do something to brace the upcoming events!

I am trilingual. My mother language is Chinese, and I also speak English and Spanish! I'd like to some translation here, transmitting different ideas.

Well, i am a new comer, so comment below if you have some good tips. Thanks!


Welcome to STEEMIT, welcome to the future my friend.
We were waiting for you 👊😎👍

Thank you so much, bro. We'll together embrace the future.

That's great we need more people from BTC and ETH to join Steemit and see their money is better off invested here.

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