We have Tokenized Satoshi's Treasure Hunt as an Incentive for the Steemit Community to Bring $1 million bitcoin Back Home to the Steem Blockchain

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By now you will be aware of Satoshi's Treasure,the global treasure hunt that has just started. We are in week 2 of the hunt with the 4th clue going live tonight.
If you have not heard of Satoshi's treasure you can read back on my all you need to know guide All you Need to Know Guide that I posted a couple of days ago.

If we solve the 400 keys we can bring $1 million in bitcoin back to the Steem blockchain. We just solved the puzzle to obtain the 4th key which gives me time to bring you some information regarding our own Steem Clan. We were just on discord trying to solve The Leporine Key that was posted at 6pm GMT tonight. We have obtained the key so we have now every key so far. Only 396 to go!!


I strongly believe that the Steem blockchain is one of the only communities to have the diversity, knowledge , problem solving skills and know how to get this across the line. Our biggest problem is getting the Steemians involved in the hunt. The hunt creators have said that 30% of the clues will be in certain physical locations across the globe so we will need as many Steemians involved as possible.
Attached is our current clan map and as you can see there are major gaps.

We need to create an incentive for people to get involved. It is not just a case of joining the discord channel. The people who solve the puzzle and that are actively taking part should be rewarded. Also if someone is too busy and may help us with a location then they should be rewarded also. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to solve the puzzles either. Or you may be the right person in the right place or even have a friend who is near a certain location eg one location was in Times square New York last week.
For this reason we decided to tokenize our hunt. We have used @aggroed 's Steem Engine to issue 1 million Satoshi's Treasure Tokens (SST).

Where We Are

The clues are launched every Sunday (for now). We have 100% of the keys so far. At the moment we are threading water and we are relying on external groups to do most of the work because we need more expertise in different areas of expertise. Soon these external groups will realize that there have a few cuckoo's in the nest and send us on our merry way. We need as many people in our group as possible before we can stand on our own two feet.
So our current goal is to get more Steemian's involved so to do this we have launched our own Satoshi's Treasure Token (STT).

About The Token

So there is $1 million worth of Bitcoin up for grabs. We have decided to make the SST token unit 1/1 millionth of the prize so if we successfully claimed the prize then 1 STT token would be worth $1. As I said the token will be listed on the Steem-Engine Exchange to trade as you please whether we bring home the prize or not.
If we do manage to win the prize we hope to transfer the $1 million in bitcoin back into Steem to reward our token holders by buying their token off them for the market price. In this way we are bringing the prize back to the Steem blockchain and we hope quite a significant amount of it will be powered up to benefit the chain going forward.

Token Distribution


Obtaining the keys is the most important task of Satoshi's Treasure so we set 60% of our tokens to this.This amounts to 600,000 tokens. Every key retrieval will result in 1500 tokens given to the hunters. Of course in many instances it may be a group effort so we will decide on a case by case basis how best to split the reward after every successful retrieval. We know people are busy on certain days so we do not expect everyone to be involved in every clue.

Active Contributors

25% of the total stash will be allocated to our active Steemians in our discord channel.The more people join the clan, the stronger the clan gets.
We will allocate 250,000 tokens for our active users on discord. There will be 500 STT per key found by our users active on discord. Of course they will be while stocks last.

Trusted Leaders.

10% of the allocation will be kept aside for the trusted leaders. Na na na na na na na na Leader. There will be 4-5 in total. We are still at our early stages so far and at the moment @blanchy , @niallon11 and @torrey.blog are the trusted leaders. At the moment 10% of zero is zero so I wouldn't be moaning about the fat cats just yet! If we have obtained 399 keys and only need one more , the 100,000 tokens (that would still be worth zero) will be used to buy fake moustaches, a safe house, and to carry us over finacially when disgruntled hackers gain access to our bank accounts.


The remaining 5% will be used for Steemians promoting our Steem Satoshi's Treasure hunt. This 5,000 STT's will be allocated fairly early in the campaign to ensure we get enough people involved. Resteems and posts about the hunt will result in a small amount of STT tokens given to the contributor.

Satoshi's Treasure will not be solved by one person. It probably will not be solved by 10. It will be solved by a community working together. The tokenised structure is the most fair way we can go about this giving everyone a just reward for their contribution.
Satoshi's Treasure Token has gone live on Steem Engine as of from today. We have been successful up to now but we need to take the next step to succeed in this hunt.
So ask yourself this!
Are you a Steemian?
Would you like an Adventure?
Do you want to show off how amazing our community is?

If you answered yes to these questions what are you waiting for?

Join us in our mission. Its free!!

How do I get Involved?

Join us on Discord
Enter the city you are closest to in locations tab.
To ensure you obtain the tokens I would make sure you sign up to steem-engine.

We will let you know in time when the next clues hit down.

Now I have been getting lots of people say that they don't know how they can help. You would be surprised. You may know something that noone else knows about. All cats are lactose intolerent! Milk messes them up big time. Yep, not many people know that one! Here pu pus pus.

Anyway thanks for your time reading this article. Congratulations to @torrey.blog that solved our latest puzzle and I hope to see you all getting involved in this exciting adventure. I will leave you with the puzzle we were handed tonight. We slowed down the video frame by frame and just under the guys eyes was the word unzip it and we went from there...



Now I'm off to have dreams about rabbits and easter eggs. Any questions give me a shout.

Na na na na na na na na @blanchy I mean leader!!


I think this would make for a great contest by @oracle-d, @sndbox and @creativecrypto to help spread awareness and get more steemians involved. $1 million would go a long way into improving our beloved steemit, Thanks for the find!

@chekohler . I would love if you and the three mentioned to get involved. It would be great . I know these guys are up to their eyes so I don’t want to bother them but if anyone knows any of them , kindly let them know . We need some tech minded people in our group because the clues are all pretty complex .

"We love the leader."

Great post and looking forward to many more people joining in to the hunt and joining into the fun. The more people that get involved and earn the tokens the better. I would love to see hundreds of people getting into it and taking us to the finish line. It would be great for all of us and great for STEEM as a whole to win the race.

Thats the dream . The 8 of us did well today though buying easter eggs 😂

It's the only easter egg i had this easter.

Looking forward to hunting alongside you and other Steemians, @blanchy. Also thanks for following me. The hunt is on!

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And thank you for today and the follow also. Exciting times ahead

Checking in.

I would love to help when the hunt needs somebody in the area where I live and move - Slovenia, short trips into Croatia, Austria and northern Italy are an option too...

Wow hopefully we wont ask you to go too far but I am delighted there is an option.

This is very nice. I joined the discord server already.. I will really love to earn some of the tokens. I wish you good luck on this.

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Thanks dtwo . We are still recovering from all the excitement tonight so it may be a bit quiet in there today but it’s great to have you .

Join us!

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Excellent work!

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Looking forward to getting more involved. Very clever thinking getting the token and hopefully it will get the discord bouncing.

Yeah the token is perfect for this sort of thing and maybe smart contracts in the future

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Full upvote and resteem. I hope somebody from my following will be intrigued enough to join.

Thanks @ervin-lemark. We hope so too. We need all the help we can get!!

Sounds like a great idea to me! I can definitely promote this, I just resteemed!

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Would like to join. The link to the discord group has expired

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