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Liquidity Network

The network is responsible for making products on social networks with a single value, that is, their movements are transparent and safe. It seeks to create a trust network with a single objective of freedom to choose the correct data that the user wants. This decentralized platform with ease and guarantees a better quality of life without worrying about total privacy, will allow users to have no problems when choosing their preferences, the benefits of the digital economy will improve people's lives. It is a project with the objective of creating secure transactions without losing money, a safety net that is scalable and that your privacy is completely reliable and fast, in which the user has no problems and can test this ecosystem on its own, which is totally Guaranteed for all types of transfer or inappropriate In situations, the guarantee and liability are necessary since the speed is carried out operations with cryptocurrencies Ethereum

Main benefits

THE LIQUIDITY NETWORK provides a unified control center optimized for fast operations, which will serve as the main center for portfolio managers and operators. It is based on the technology developed to serve its large customer base and has been improved to meet the specific needs of the network space. Users can receive alerts about sliding or filling time, which allows them to act in accordance with market conditions. The network allows traders to react quickly to market conditions using the settlement functions. The client also plans to add an analysis of the product and marketing costs for the second checks before the operation to identify which exchanges will be most appropriate to execute the orders that must be completed. Security is essential to guarantee the privacy and integrity of all the data that flows through this platform.

• Security
• Fast network per second
• Total customer service
• Scalability
• Decentralization
• Privacy

Vision Liquidity Network

Create a brand in this industry with a higher hierarchy, do the above, prolong more future power and make it safe, worthless and with greater benefits when it comes to privacy. Create a secure chain of selection of network keys, upcoming implementations that will allow users to convert more cryptocurrencies. There are numerous implementations for users to earn more money. While in this initial version, all social networks on the Internet are converted securely and privately, generating more followers and reputation, and we are actively adding other assets. Plans for the future include an implementation for STEEM too! One of the great visions of this platform is to make the user feel comfortable taking this ecosystem and obtain a better quality of transactions and a reliable cryptocurrency; Your vision is fundamental when it comes to offering your services. Just do not be afraid and give this system effective.

Why liquidity network and not another platform?

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Because it is a platform that guarantees the security and protection of your money and data, so it adds little of what you have, decentralizing your transactions and contracts. Present a future exchange without commission that covers operating costs by coining your own platform, that is, WITHOUT PURPOSES OF BENEFITS; WITHOUT ANY COMMISSION, the Liquidity Network is an exchange that also replaces centralized account balances with a decentralized intelligent contract in the Ethereum block chain that contains all account balances.

With the help of the safety net, your life becomes easier and simpler without having to pay or make exchanges, support this community and join, you will not regret it. By just depositing a vote of confidence! We wonder why, why choose this Re of Liquidity? Well ... with us your answers, worries and anxieties will be put in a blink of an eye. Network protected Liquidity Network.

Those who manage the communities:

Like any organized and well-constituted platform, we have the unique network and ignovadora the users who provide the administration of these communities, as well as Steemit. Here we also have healers. who are in charge of the whole administration and make sure that the community has quality content and the most important content for it, make sure that the community is on the right track and adapts to what is done here vote and Many people see it and with them the Members that have the decision to put and remove curators when convenient, have the power to be in the community they want and with this the members have very important rights in the community, They are a key piece in These and together with the curators make the communities carry out an exemplary work.

It will change the way communities function.

By not making good decisions on the road, is where we see that communities of different objectives and activities fall for their poor leadership and poor structure, the security network establishes that the communities created and organized here have decision and leadership among all, that the opinion is of one or more. the other is that everything is for the benefit of the community and for it to increase the value of that community. If you have few or many transactions that do not make you more or less in the liquidity network, we are all the same here.

¿What are the benefits of this platform for users?

When you interact and know the platform, you give accounts that have thousands of benefits, but for people to be interested, you must be attractive. Having common interests has meant that each person becomes involved with other people and is trained or more informed about a specific topic. the platform shows that the tokens favor everyone the better the better, because it can be independent and have its own community, because it has common interests that can make joint decisions to choose the best option through the value of the tokens.

This wonderful Liquidity Network interacts with users to promote valuable information that they can share through the decentralized technology in question. With the portfolios of transactions, users can deposit their cards and transfer them to other users when they lend or buy more.

¡Many of today's blockchain solutions lack privacy with the liquidity network!

The current solutions that blockchain lacks privacy because this platform was created mainly so that everything is visible and their transactions and data are recognized for their greater knowledge and evasion of responsibilities for the loss of some data, with the union of the LIQUIDITY NETWORK IT IS A LITTLE MORE EASY PRIVACY AND SECURITY; transactions that can see who did it or who transferred it. as well as in steemit, everything is displayed in the bag of each account immediately, but this makes the privacy of each good account difficult, so it happens here because everything can be seen and privacy is a bit scarce; It was thought to cover their backs but not in people who require privacy with their transactions and who want discretion for some reason.

Main ...

The following are different types of bipartite channels:

• Unidirectional
• Bidirectional
• Linked payments
• Centros de pago de 2 partes


The NO-CUST liquidity center
The Revive

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The application of the liquidity network

The liquidity network takes advantage of the benefits of centralized computational power and the decentralized nature of blockchain to create an exchange that has the speed of a centralized exchange and the security of a decentralized exchange. The liquidity of the network Exchange does not have any background while performing atomic swaps outside the chain, so it is scalable and secure.


Source Liquidity Network

The Liquidity Network Wallet is available for both of the most common operating systems on mobile devices - IOS and Android!

Our Team


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Here is a video that gives a quick overview:


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