There are so many cryptos out there. I'm thinking I should spread out to lower the risks. The next one I'm gonna look into is IOTA, which seems very interesting. Since IOT definitely is going to be huge in the future, and possibly be using ITOA, it's worth looking into.

@chef79, what are your top, say, 5 cryptos?

Hello :)
I also spread my funds over many coins to minimize risk, top 5 is Eth, Etc, EOS, Ripple and Ubiq. Resently discovered verge XVG and it looks like a really good project.
I'm also mining signatum, sia and expanse,

What's your take on Etc? Looks to me like Eth is the one with the big momentum, and thus the most potential for mass adoption. Where in the ecosystem will Etc fit?

You've listed some cryptos I've never even heard of. Got to read up on them to see what they're all about.

Eth definatly got the bigger momentum at the moment.
But difficulty is rising fast and lot of miners will direct their hashing power at etc, hopefully leading to opertunities for etc.
Also eth is going to pos, again leading to a lot of hashing power to etc, hopefully leading to increased etc support and development.
Etc will have to reinvent it's place in the ecosystem i think, but it will be a lot easier with support of the miners coming from eth.
As for the coin itself, there is no reason why it cant get as big as eth, it all boils down to the dev team to make good improvments and marketing.

For me as a miner it will possibly give greater returns to go for etc just bacause i can accumulate greater numbers of them. I will make a lot more money on etc rising 10$ then eth rising 200$.
Hopefully i wont regret not trading my etc for eth in the future hehehe

I love Bitcoin
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