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RE: Improve your internet speed and earn passive income with NOIA !

in #crypto3 years ago

I think this coin has great potential for the future. I foresee this coin really helping out the areas of the world that are not densely populated or have large datacenters where companies house their servers.


I like your point of view here. The internet should be readily accessible to low populated areas lacking those equipments too, and this idea alone makes NOIA a futuristic project with potentials.

Thanks! I agree but however we all know that large companies only care about 1 thing: their bottom line. It is not worth their money to help these areas out so this also introduces a great opportunity for NOIA to come in and help them. They can contract their services out to these large companies and benefit the companies as well as the people in these areas.

I only hope that NOIA does not get bought by these large companies when they realize how important this project could be for the world. Too often companies like Amazon and Microsoft will see a product such as this with seemingly unlimited potential for success and they buy the company to shut it down so that it cannot compete with their business model. It is a bad way to do business!

You have a great point there . We can't but hope the NOIA team will be very dogged, determined and confident towards achieving their goal, and more importantly, having sufficient funds to fuel the project.
Indeed, it's a bad way to do business, but like we mutually agree on, there's only one thing they care about .

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