The New Brave browser that blocks unwanted content and pay BAT Basic attention tokens for using !

in #crypto3 years ago

I've been using the Brave browser for a week now and it is way faster that Firefox. Plus gives you 25 BAT for download and participate.
It's still in development stages as far as paid ads are concerned, but I Love free Crypto so I'm in :-)
Did I mention it works great too....


25 BAT is worth $6.49 USD at time of writing, go ahead and get you some !


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Life is Good @


Thanks for the info, i reckon il give it a try :-)

I use it almost 100% now and looking forward to the future reward system :-)

I've been using for a year now, it's good although sometimes it blocks some code which is not advertisement.

try to turn off the shield when making a credit card or paypal payment.