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Well, I pretty much transferred all of my STEEM to Binance 6 months ago in order to trade. Like the majority of you we have all watched our Crypto Accounts go down and down and down. Not to worry though. When we least expect it Bitcoin will retrace its little steps upward. All of us know when Bitcoin goes, the rest follow suit. Day in and day out I tell myself "you should have sold and transferred all of your crypto to USDT." However I unfortunately do not know the future. I have however become pretty good with my graphs, and making sells and buys to level up in the crypto world. Now I just wait. Soon I do believe crypto will ride high. How do I know this you may ask... Easy, my Magic 8 Ball says so....

So take heart. All of that hard work we have put forth will come to fruition. If it doesn't, then just blame the toy company for making those Magic 8 Balls... Cheers all.

On a side note, I find myself trading STEEM again and again. I LOVE my STEEM.

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This is a good strategy

haha. Yes, having fun with it.