Part II Blockchain Weihai China Meet Up - Government and Investor Discussions

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Following the Blockchain China Meet Up held on July 17 in Weihai China, the Cryptassist Chinese Community Manager Ms. Tonjia was invited by the Weihai Government to view the construction of their vast development, The SoftBank Global Outsourcing Software Park.

The Weihai Government, through its representative Governors and investors expressed its desire to integrate blockchain technology into the business operations of the Software Park and in-depth discussions on blockchain technology and its benefits were held.

Ms. Tonjia also had the opportunity to meet with investors from Weihai involved within various industries, including real estate, IT, art and medical. These investors included the Vice President of The Weihai Association of Industry and Commerce, the Vice President of The Jilin Chamber of Commerce, the Chairman and President of Shandong DAWU Group, the Chairman and General Manager of Weihai Service Trade Park, the CEO of Weihai’s biggest real estate company, Weihai Wang Hai Real Estate Group, the CEO of Green Leaf IT Company, the President of Aeré Marine Group, an Advisor and Representative of CyClean and the Marketing Director of IOTW.

All of Cryptassist’s apps and features were of major interest for both government officials and the private sector, with special interest shown in CryptoGo, the Cryptassist Debit Card, the Webshop and how Cryptassist are utilizing a DAG algorithm and how blockchain could be integrated into government and private business practices.

Discussions are now taking place with our representative Ms. Tonjia regarding potential cooperation with an art auction studio in Weihai.

Cryptassist is honored that the Weihai Government has invited us to establish an office in Weihai, China, in the SoftBank Outsourcing Software Park.

To learn more about the Cryptassist platform, please visit our website or download our Whitepaper at


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Woah. This is really good news. Being invited by the government in a startup company that will implement blockchain. Congratulations.

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Great news, though I do not trust the Chinese government. This is yet another step towards such a broad technology that is blockchain.

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so you guys are going to work with Softbank to build their blockchain facility? hmmm... something big is cooking!!

Another great achievement for Cryptassist

I think representatives of investment companies and large private investors like the platform.

The government of Weihai invites CryptAssist to create an office in the city. I think this is already a great success, because it will be possible to work with the authorities and investors of China every day!

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This meet up with the Weihai vice president, government officials and other private entities will help increase the interests of investors as these several individuals showed great interests in features such as Cryptassist webshop, CryptoGo et. These individuals would further introduce other potential investors to the project which would go a long way to speed up the CTA Token Sales.

I'm absolutely not surprised by the amount of interest this project has generated so far. There is simply so much quality inherent in this initiative!

The project carries out a competent policy in the promotion. Additional meetings with potential investors and clients show the seriousness of the project.

A big step forward guys! Keep going and keep us please up to date!

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Institutions and governement started to look for an important blockchain partnership

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Getting invitation from goverment is really good news.congratulations.

The Weihai Government inviting the Cryptassist Chinese Community Manager Ms. Tonjia shows this project is gaining more recognition. great progress from the platform.

I appreciate your documentation and reporting. Very insightful and good communication.

The online store Cryptassist offers round-the-clock support 7 days a week.

One great thing about Cryptassist is that it makes cryptocurrency usable for everyone - experienced or the novice!

One of the most innovative tools to be included on the Cryptassist platform will be the Cryptassist ICO Assistant. This feature will help project founders to launch an ICO in order to raise capital for a project after a thorough screening process.

Imperative occasions and highlights of the undertaking - enormous impressions, and I am certain that financial specialists will arrive now to dispense with them.

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Cryptassist’s apps and features were of major interest for both government officials and the private sector.

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Good news from China !.. Good luck to Team in promoting Cryptassist Platform !..

Great news! Team Cryptassist can be proud of the success of visiting Blockchain China and the invitation from the Weihai government! This interest promises a great future!

It's important to attend this type of event to publicize and describe the project vision, explain the business model and generate interest in the project. As well as to be informed of the latest developments, trends, and news, discussing and sharing ideas. And what better showcase to Cryptassist than the IDACB World Blockchain Roadshow in China -where there are so many enthusiasts of blockchain technology- gaining much attention from the investors, possible partners and other attendees. Great marketing work that Cryptassist is doing. Congratulations.

Встречи с правительственными чиновниками и другими частными организациями, которые помогут увеличить интересы инвесторов, поскольку эти несколько человек проявили большой интерес к таким функциям, как интернет-магазин Cryptassist, CryptoGo et. Эти люди будут в дальнейшем привлекать других потенциальных инвесторов к проекту, который будет иметь большое значение для ускорения продаж токенов CTA.

EXCELLENT PROJECT! I believe in your project. I became your devoted fan.

This project will bring together a large audience of investors and users.

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