Crypto SALT - Lending Arbitrage With the Tax Savings

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The company SALT Lending is a revolutionary crypto lending arbitrage company that allows you to leverage your blockchain assets to secure cash loans. It is an easy way to get money without having to sell your favorite investment such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can lend money using your secured BTC and ETH coins as a collateral. You can spend all of this money however you want by buying a car, house or something else and you are still the holder of your BTC and ETH.

In addition to this, SALT Lending helps you to save money on taxes. Usually, if you sell 1 BTC, you have to pay some tax from your profit. Usually, the tax rate is in the range of 16% – 22% of your net profit. In the US, the tax rate is 21% and in UK, it is 19%. So, when you sell your BTC or ETH, you loose your BTC/ETH and you have to pay taxes as well. With a loan from SALT lending, you do not have to sell your BTC/ETH and you can avoid paying these taxes. You do not have pay taxes because you received your money from SALT Lending as a loan. Also, you can deduct your interest paid to SALT Lending as expenses.

Within the SALT system, tokens are valued at $27.50. Their business model initially intended to use the tokens to pay for interest. But, with the launch of the platform SALT announced they will accept the SALT token as payment for both interest and principal. Furthermore, they will accept the tokens at the full retail value. I am assuming they are doing this to market their business and to get more tokens out of circulation back into their platform. They will resell these tokens for $27.50.

SALT is currently trading around $11 per token at the time of this writing. This means you can buy tokens for $11 and pay off a loan at $27.50.

So, the simple steps to make money using the SALT Lending service are given below.

  1. Buy $11,000 worth of SALT tokens on the open market
  2. Take out a loan for $27,500 from SALT
  3. Pay off the loan with your tokens (they only cost $11,000 but are valued at $27,500)
  4. Pocket $16,500 USD profit .

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I dont want to pay taxes with my crypto XD

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