Making Seven Days Of Straight Content - DTube Challenge To Content Creators

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My NEW Steemit Account:

Create more content, don't worry about what others will think. moving to Steem (fingers crossed).

Stop worrying about being formal, give advice and makes waves without seeking anything for it.

▶️ DTube

Not one minute into the video and I get this gold nugget from you.

If you never give up, first impressions are meaningless.

It hit me this could apply to all aspects in life.

I like to learn mindsets that work across many situations in life. I am by no means a complete master of my emotions but I like to think I am getting closer to a universal mindset that can handle anything life throws without limitations.

You sounded like a proper wanker there, but hey, excuse me, this is excusville where vote power matters and everyone agrees with those with more vote power hey lol. not all of us eh!

That is fine, speak your mind, I am not here to please anyone and to try is futile anyway.

Wow, that is a refreshing change, you are real then, nice to meet you.

Dan is definitely a man who considers the whole picture. He doesn’t care about money, but rather the value in things. Get to know him, his views are more refreshing and well thought most.

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I have been watching, as he does seem genuine in the sea of weirdness and compliance.

My man, thank you for this. It's time to pump out some value #7daysOfContent

@dhenz Great speach, you are a freakin' great motivator! I didn't want to start my Dtube career just because of the fear of not being great. Or the fear of sucking hard. But now I see that this toxic mindset is getting me nowhere. Gotta start creating now, to be better in a year or two :)

Also, the fb project you mentioned sounds really interesting. We definitely need a FB clone without all the Spy stuff going on. Ads that pay users and anon messaging sound like a dream come true.

What are the chances for the project migrating to Steem? That would be awesome for Steem and for them; because ETH is so sucky.

I would say 95% at this point SoMee moves to the Steem blockchain, I am leaning them this way as hard as I can lol

If you just keep making content you will find your audience eventually. Finding good content from new users is actually hard on steemit, people just haven't found you yet

Yep, I found reaching out and leaving meaningful comments on others content helps get one noticed as well.

I spend 90 percent of my time on steem commenting and responding to comments. One thing I notice on accounts where people say Steem is too hard, they never make thousands of comments

Sounds about right, I would go as far to suggest that minnows comment more than post to get more exposure.

Grind it out!

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Please consider making a video on why you vote for the witnesses you vote for. I'm planning on doing the same soon.

Thank you for all the support you've given Steem -- it's much appreciated. I agree with you that this blockchain has huge potential.

Sure, good idea.

You are totally right @dhenz. This is what I do in my steem journey.

Following your other account right now.

excellent, keep up the good work yaani!

Get er done!!! Looking forward to it buddy.

Dan you should check out the book "Meditations" written by Emperor Marcus Aurelius if you have not already. You share many parallels with his mindset.

Excellent, will do.

Great job and great thinking 👊😊

nice! I'm now following your new account as well. Gonna start getting back to @dtube and putting up content again.

Excellent, that's the spirit!

I just get a ton of upload errors with @dtube so it's been hard to stay consistent. I'm happy to see they lowered their take to 10%

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I use handbrake to lower the file size and use MP4 format, click web optimized, I have no issues uploading. I did when I first tried months ago, but now it is fine for me.

you are right following your second account of steemit @dhenz

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