Hitching a Ride to ETH.TOWN

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Hitching a Ride to Eth.Town
Written by, D.J. Rees

One of the greatest evolution in crypto is that of games. Granted it’s not creating uber secure cyber-vaults or establish immutable histories of our money, our data, our lives, then anonymizing it. But, in a sense, it’s much more valuable, one could argue that gaming is what gave us crypto. (hey, they could, bare with me)

Road to Woodstock, that way --->

Actually, bring your attention back over here. One of the most notable events I can use to explain what I mean by the gaming community being the most valuable is the greatest journey that has yet to be parallelled. Woodstock is still heralded as the best festival we have known. It wasn’t the singers, the music, or the drugs (stay away from the brown acid!). It was the people, the shared beliefs, the trust, the comoradary of a group friends willing to hitchhike through 4 states to get there.

In the end, it was the creation of a community of like minded people seeking adventure, doing anything to support their beliefs, and creating something spectacular - something bigger than any one person, or group. Imagine, heading to Woodstock with your friends, on the open road, the excitement of the thumbs up and running into another group, just like yours, heading in the same direction.

Gaming, in all its forms is much like this. It’s escaping, finding adventure, hanging with like minded people, and solving puzzles and problems - uniting into one global community supporting and creating together. Then, and only then, do the music and the artists become spectacular!

The gaming community, through voice chat and forums united and from the members came much of the advancement in software and programing, and enough adoption through the support and comoradary.

Thumbs-Up Standing by the Post to Eth.Town

So, what does this have to do with Eth.Town? Like all great adventures, Eth.Town started for me, stumbling on a modern day flyer on a modern day phone pole- social media. Like any well travelled sojourner, I clicked my way through the streets to find the place where everyone was going to meet. To my surprise - When I got there, they were even handing out tokens for the ride.

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On the Road We Met, and Together Explored the Mysteries

As Stated above about Woodstock, the community and the developing journey becomes a big part of destination. Granted - the destination has to be worth the hype. I have to say, I have experienced a lot more fun and observed a lot more participation reading through and joining Eth.Town’s Telegram channel, then I have seen in many groups. The developers and team have down a great job promoting their game, and they did most, (in my opinion) by keeping the experience shrouded in hidden secrets, mini-games, and mystery mechanics.

What we are sure of is Eth.Town:

has some phenomenal art
it will provide great opportunity to increase your crypto wealth.
The game will be full of real world crypto
It will be a stylized and gamified fun and funny user experience.
The team has maintained member buy-in,
They have given the community a chance to contribute

This alone was enough to keep and grow a good, loyal community, and established the comoradary and supportive early adopters so important to a new gaming experience. But what seems to be the best (and the worst) is the excitement they generate by what they have yet to tell us. You will have to join the group to find out more.

I highly encourage you to put your thumb up and hitch a ride with us before you miss the bus. Like the road to woodstock, this just might be what makes another era of gaming history.

Sign up using this url if you enjoyed the article: https://eth.town/air/TMDR

Website: https://eth.town/
Btt Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3062760
Btt Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3028492
Facebook: https://fb.me/eth.town
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eth_town
Instagram: https://instagram.com/eth.town
Telegram: https://t.me/Ethertown
Medium: https://medium.com/@ethtown
Discord: https://discord.gg/qWgw5f9

!!!PreSale Tomorrow - March 15th, 2018!!!

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