We're using blockchain to make positive changes in our world!

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Not sure blockchain can change the world? It already is! Our project is bringing running water back to a neighborhood in crisis-stricken Venezuela, using the power of the Steem blockchain!

Mission: Agua-Possible is that project!

We're currently over 1/3 completed, and have already established proof of concept with a trial payment & purchase! This will work, and it's only a matter of time before it does. Will you help us make it happen even sooner?

Here's one Steemian who has been upvoting and donating literally from day 1 on this project, more than 500 days ago:

That's right, @Kunschj just came through for MAP and Edgar, with a huge direct donation of 250 Steem! This helps the project in multiple ways:

1.) It puts us that much closer. The update will be posted Saturday, and it looks like we'll be over 40%!

2.) This is good incentive for others to get involved, too! Who will match Kunschj's donation?!

3.) I've powered up all donations to this point, which protects me and the project from downvoting trolls, and powers up my votes, many of which go to the project, and to those supporting the project with comments. (Soon I'll have to power down the project funds, as we get closer to completion!)


I said a while ago that 2020 will be the year we finish this project, and I still completely believe that. 72 weeks without proper water to drink or cook with? Horrible! Edgar's family needs help, as the political situation in their country continues to deteriorate, and help isn't coming from the government.

In the past few days, big supporters @Xpilar and @Streetstyle have stepped forward and said they believe it's time to have the community take action to get us the rest of the way. "IT'S TIME!" they say, and I agree! Luckily, crypto prices (including Steem) are finally beginning to rise off the bottom now, which will greatly help if that continues.

Will you upvote this post with your best shot?

Will you consider resteeming it, or our main post?

Will you match Kunschj's 250 Steem direct donation, or send me your best possible contribution right away?

Let's set a goal of July 1st for project completion, and do what it takes to make it happen!

Get ready, Edgar, clean running water is coming back to your house, farm, and neighborhood!

Upvoting this post is MUCH appreciated! 100% goes to the project.



I have sent over some funds from the @adollaraday account. I hope that helps.

Thank you very much! I'll include your contribution on this Saturday's update post. :)

You have received a Peace Token!

PEACE is a currency (which you now own 1/47000th of) within the Steem blockchain ecosystem, accessible through Steem-Engine! As a Peace Token holder, thank you very much for your efforts to spread and sustain peace.

Thank you. I hope the project can reach a successful conclusion soon.

July 1st, half way thru 2020. Nice goal! I think it's possible, especially if the Steem price keeps holding up!


I'm a believer in MAP!
Also resteemed to my people.

Thank you so much bro! Let's get it done in the first half of the year - an ambitious but attainable goal!

I think @Edgargonzalez will be excited and happy to see this development :D

You are welcome @drutter and yes, I plan to help out as much as I can from here on out until this goal is reached. Thank you for doing what you do, most likely for someone you have never ever met personally either, but rather for another person, much like ourselves, who currently is in need, and they belong to this community. This community can be an amazing place to be during this crypto-revolution. I am not sure if there are any other blockchains doing what is currently happening on the Steem blockchain, but the Steem blockchain can truly say that it is empowering its users like no other.

You're very right, I met Edgar on Steemit, he was desperately trying to get established here and make a small income to help his family, when the crisis deepened in 2018. His professional job was gone, food inflation through the roof, no boat to fish from (so he had to swim out to a raft and risk his safety to bring home food). We became friends through English/Spanish translator websites. We don't talk on the phone, or chat online, or even email. Steem has been our only communication, so our entire relationship can be viewed online (I find that fairly interesting). I don't know him closely, but I certainly consider him an online friend, and like you said, he's a community member in need, and we have a way to directly help him, so "let's get it done"!
Edgar's farm pump stopped working and he posted his frustration. As he always does in his posts, he showed good photos of what he was talking about. I could see the broken pump and the worry on his face. That's when I realized I should and could do something, and had a vision of this project, and it snowballing into a huge effort, to bring water back to Edgar's family. I thought it would happen faster, but at least it's happening! We contemplated giving up a few times, when progress slid back toward 0% as Steem fell from $1.5 to $0.15 :( Luckily we decided to keep trying and hoping for either a price recovery, or more help from the community. That's when we found you and the other great upvoters dedicating support every week, and also when the Steem price finally started to recover... and progress has again moved ahead! I'm so excited to hit 50% soon! That will really be a nice headline to get more people involved.
Thank you so much again. It means a lot to me and I'm sure to Edgar and his wife and kids. This is really going to help them a lot.

Resteemed and 100% upvote....DONE!!! This is a worthy Cause !!

A little bit of our cure trail. Thank you for what you do @drutter!

Thank you for your support and comment! :)

Voted and resteemed!

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