Developing an understanding of Cryptocurrency for the beginner.

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The beginning of my blog. the first day in the community.

Hi all,
Summary of my day 1 experience,
It took me at least 8 hrs of thrawling through the internet before I found a post that helped me to relieve my coinbase account of ETH in the purchase of my EOS tokens.
I think I got to the second last page of the internet before I found somewhere that made sense to me and my ability to follow instruction from others. Low and behold , I found what I was looking for from in Steemit. Thanks to a post from,

For those newbies who are joining steemit , here is the link I found for buying EOS tokens through the afore mentioneds post.

Links to get started


Day 2 - Getting my EOS token registered , what a Challenge.
All I have to figure out now is how to Register my private key with the site. This is proving challenging for me.
I am a "Do things by pictures person" and for me the instructions while written in clear English , are not doing it for me. So if there is anyone out there that has a screen shot of every step in the registration process for EOS token , I'd be your best friend for ever if you shared with me and the future newbie community.

Day 1 26th Dec 2017
I am fascinated by the explosion in interest world wide of the digital currency / cryptocurrency interest.
I was lucky enough in November 2017 to be able to join Coinbase without the hassle of delayed approvals and all that jazz and reap the 3x jump in December 2017.
A little over a month in I have discovered form all the reading I have done that there is a whole new revolution occurring in the financial market.
I am using the analogy of human existence and our development as a race on top of evolution.
There was the Iron age , bronze age , the invention of the wheel , the industrial revolution, the advent of internet 1.0, internet 2.0 and now the internet 3.0.

To me internet 3.0 is the disruption of how we manage money & how communities will interact into the future, the institutions of the banks , like all history, who are at the top of the pyramid, are acutely aware Block chain is here to stay, It will disrupt and ultimately erode profits as the masses realize there is an alternative to storing wealth in banks.

I used to pay quarterly fees , until such a time as I had enough money in the bank that warranted the bank looking at me differently, so stopped charging me ridiculous fees for me to loan my small amount of extra cash to the bank so that they could use it on overnight exchanges to earn interest for them to get fat and rich off all their customer deposit accounts.

So I recently discovered ICO's , through Facebook, I have started reading up on this new industry , all be it a decade behind those who have created this revolution ( the internet 3.0 revolution , I am calling it).

So where is my journey taking me ?
I am starting this blog to document how I get from being a newbie on Steemit to someone whose documented blog will become version 0.1 for those that come behind me , asking the same questions and reading FAQ's and sucking up as much information that they can , to enter this new revolution.

So with the kindness of you the community who are ten steps ahead of us the newbies, I am on my journey of educating myself,
learning from your insights, and
be that place that all new entrants can learn and improve from for the next iteration of this revolution.

After my initial research I commenced my journey.
Step 1
for me was I signed up to and started buying LTC at the start and then spreading my initial investment across Bitcoin (BTC),Ethereium (ETH)and Litecoin(LTC).

Step 2
This is where the communict experience comes in and your experience will help new entrants to grow and advocate this revolution,
What exchanges are the most effective to sign up to? , there is such a wealth of them
Is there any one exchange that is a central location for all ICOs.

I look at
it seems a good starting point.

I am looking at the EOS planned ICO in June,
How do I start the process of getting in at the early entry point for this ?

All responses will be very much appreciated.


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