SERO: New Generation Of Anonymous Cryptocurrency

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After Bitcoin blockchain developed, Ethereum blockchain was introduced with a Smart contract which allows people to access the blockchain technology and Decentralized or distributed applications easily.

Also, the introduction of the Ethereum blockchain made it possible to integrate more projects from different sectors of the global economy into blockchain technology to take advantage of its unique features of transparency, trust, security and security. Etc.

The inability of most blockchain protocol to protect the privacy of their users is one of the significant concerns that goes against the dream of Satoshi though they are Still enjoying the concept of peer to peer transactions. The individuals and organisations need complete privacy of their valuable data while they perform their operations. They don’t need to allow others to know about their transaction. They don’t want their transactions to be publicly accessible. They want it to be private only to themselves all the time.

This situation requires more work on the security of privacy in blockchain technology.

The Role of Sero

Sero is a blockchain technology that was developed to address all the concerns about the privacy of the data of the blockchain users. It aims to solve significant issues regarding identity privacy of the user, user account privacy and transaction information over the blockchain network. With this robust technology, It will be virtually impossible for any potential attacker in the blockchain network to decipher the identifications of the users in the blockchain by analysing the publicly available transaction records in the Sero blockchain.

The Sero team has done a tremendous job when technical expertise needed to be able to get out with a privacy cryptocurrency that will provide full support for smart contracts.
The Sero team is the first to take this, and they did it by creating a blockchain protocol built on Zero Knowledge proof with the capacity to be able to offer full privacy protection and also function as a public protocol with support for smart contracts.

It is glad to hear that Sero is rebuilding the storage structure of Ethereum, by using UTXO + Account mixed model. Sero is designed to allow privacy and security features for every token that is created on Sero blockchain.

This uniqueness of Sero design provides scalability features to the SERO blockchain. This uniqueness is the reason why it is possible for any developers to issue their token and DApp using Sero blockchain.

Recently, we can see that there are two popular privacy coins in the marketplace. Those are Monero and Zcash.
With the features of the Super Zero Knowledge of Sero, the Sero is built to work 20 times faster than Monero and Zcash.

Also, the team of Sero has introduced a platform with the capacity to offer a full privacy protection solution for DApps with its innovative and advanced technology. This platform is a 3 in 1 platform with mind-blowing features. Below are the three characteristics of this platform.

  1. SERO as a privacy cryptocurrencies platform with the full capabilities of smart contracts.

  2. The ALIEN protocol takes the care of solving the security issues when transmission of information happens within the decentralised network.

  3. CASTROL protocol protects the decentralised systems and provides privacy protection for every node on the Internet.

SERO Coin And Its Usage

The Sero coin is the main driving force fueling the operation of SERO ecosystem. The coin has many usages within the network. SERO coin is used for all activities within the SERO chain. Some of which includes being used to reward or incentivise bookkeeping. Also, the currency is used to pay the community members who contribute to the development of the platform.


Sero is a solution to protect the privacy of both centralised and current decentralised systems. It has already proven that it is 20 times faster than already established security coins like Monero and Zcash. This Sero is an excellent solution to the people who concern about their privacy on the blockchain.

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