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RE: Why many newbies fail in crypto? How i earned with 0 investment (Proof Attached).

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Thanks for this great post, it's really helpful.
I have been trading on Binance for some months now with low experience and for sure I have lost huge lump sum of money. Then I normally invest only when the coin is appreciating not minding checking if the coin has reached it's high appreciating percentage and along the line, I do lose the money I have invested. So it was this of recent that I came to understood how the market works, just similar to what you have post here and I must tell you that, for some past weeks now, I have been making cool profit. And the secret Is just to buy when the coin has deprecated to its highest percent and that has much to do with monitoring the market, knowing lowest fall and highest increase of each coin.

Thanks for this great post, followed you.


Thanks man for motivating me. Yeah, i also started to learn more things about market and now i'm doing small trades on my profit.