Crypto Currencies and Bankers

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The worlds financial systems are run by a very small number of individuals.

  • FIAT is non-crypto "digital banking"
  • The difference between FIAT and Crypto currencies is "ownership" of the systems.
  • Crypto currencies are a threat to the FIAT systems owners.
  • With maybe 80% of current global wealth the "bankers" will do everything they can to keep control of the financial systems.
  • Under current regulations the bankers cannot seize control of crypto currencies.

The Future is Now:

  • Expect to see massive media campaigns against crypto.

  • Expect to see crypto being made "illegal"

  • Expect to see merchants "punished" by Fiat banking systems

  • Expect to see these things increase as crypto becomes more common place

  • But the best part IMHO:

Expect Crypto to endure, survive and prosper !


Crypto currencies will destroy the corrupt modern-day monetary system. This is why so many elites fear it

100% correct. But the main 'fear' they have is they don't own & control it & therefore us!

Once we get the app so I can easily pay you or the merchant & landlord.
And if my "small business" boss pays me with BTC, yahoo, FREEDOM !!!

The government are going to have to get a little more 'creative' to extract "taxes" from us.
maybe they will go after the big end of town?