"Earn Crypto to Search" Presearch Tutorial & Review

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Presearch- Get Paid To Search

Faster Way To Search
Presearch gives you one-stop, fast and easy access to your most commonly used search providers, including Google, Amazon, DuckDuckGo and others.

Get Paid in Cryptocurrency
When you search, you will be rewarded with Presearch's PRE crypto tokens. These tokens can be used to buy services, or traded for other cryptocurrencies.

Your Data, Your Choice
We do not track or store any of your information or searches. Unlike some online giants, with Presearch, you control your data, choosing if and when to share it.

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I have been using presearch since they began and love it. PreSearch plus Steem is a great combination. Start earning from everything you do online.
You do need to build up your PRE before you can withdraw any of it, but that is a good thing because it becomes a forced savings and the value will be going up.

Thanks for sharing brother ... I want to try it ..