Lets Talk Steem Engine and Hive Engine Coins April 26th

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I've narrowed down the coins I'm going to focus on to those listed in the photo above. These coins I feel have the best chance to create some profits for me. There are 12 coins, 8 currently on Steem-Engine and 4 on Hive-Engine.

GAMER(Krypto Gamers Token) is by far the riskiest as its a gambling site that allows betting in Steem and Hive. I like it cause unlike most other coins it pays a daily dividend to stake holders based on the daily profits. This is a good passive income and it pays both Steem and Hive.

SPORTS(Sports Talk Social) that moved to Hive-Engine is also a risky coin due to the lack of sports right now. Blogging about sports is hard when there isn't much happening so the amount of content has dropped.

I'm most bullish on SPT(Splinterlands) which is a online trading card game currently on the Steem blockchain. Best thing about Splinterlands is you can earn DEC which is the ingame currency. You can use the DEC to buy booster packs and other ingame items or sell it on Steem-Engine for Steem.

Like any card game it does take a little skill and some money to get started.


I'm going to increase my holdings of GAMER, SPT the most this upcoming week and hope to add a few ZZAN if I have any extra Steem.

This is going to be a weekly blog, have a few things to figure out on time involved to write it up(never enough time) and provide useful information.

Good luck with you crypto ..... remember buy low and sell high


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