My Steem Engine and Hive Engine and Splinterlands Weekly Report June 22nd

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Hello everyone, hope your past week was as good as mine. Now lets BS about some tokens.


You may notice that I have some EPIC again. EPIC gives a daily bonus to the top 10 bettors and with the lower number of bettors I've managed to make the top 10 several times last week.

I have decided that I will be removing LIFESTYLE token from my list. It will be replaced with TIPU and MAPUV, both of which are passive income tokens. I feel passive income is going to be far easier than playing the market with the tokens right now. I will continue to accumulate those token on my list but I'm not going to do much trading in them.

SPT (Splinterlands) keeps chugging along though I'm finding it harder and harder to find enough time to play 2 accounts. Since taking over the @toycard project I've got to refocus my priorities, so no more World of Tanks for me - which is sad cause I really enjoy all the "uninstall" messages I get.

They have some nice game play features in the works and when they go live I think the token will get a nice little boost from its current low price. Should reach my June goal in the next few days and I'm really leaning towards a July goal of an additional 30k tokens.


Hive-engine is going to divorce me if I don't give her some attention. I hoping starting next month I'll finally start making some posts on Hive.

I will most likely reach my end of month gola for SPORTS and INFOWARS cause they are dirt cheap. Still have hope for SPORTS but INFOWARS is looking like it's going to be a shelf sitter.

Next month I'm only going to focus on LEO, BATTLE and PALCOIN.

I feel these 3 tokens have the greatest chance of large gains going forward. I hope I haven't missed the boat with LEO. Really hoping for a pull back so I can buy it at a reasonable price.



The value of my cards had a nice increase of $63.34 from last week. Didn't have any great pulls just a bunch of average cards but even average cards are better than no cards.


Last week I had a little contest but no one entered. So let us try again this week with a new call to action. To enter just leave a comment telling me your favorite steem-engine or hive-engine token. I will randomly pick 2 winners that will receive 1 SBI unit each. Good luck.


I am not a financial advisor and all of this post information is for entertainment purposes only.


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