My Steem Engine and Hive Engine and Splinterlands Weekly Report June 8th

in #crypto10 months ago


Most of the past week I've had another project that has taken most of my time and Steem so not much buying. I think most of the gains were from curation rewards which is good cause I wont have to spend as much.


NEOAG did have a rather interesting post saying they may block curation rewards to people that support Steem. I hope not, but if the coin owner wants to do it I'm ok with it.



Things have been going well for me with Splinterlands as last season I reached Champion III level. Next week I'll start including what I get for rewards in my post.

Sorry for the short post - promise to make it up next week with a nice little surprise.


I am not a financial advisor and all of this post information is for entertainment purposes only.


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