My Steem Engine and Hive Engine and Splinterlands Weekly Report May 31th

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First I want to talk about 2 minor changes I'm making. The first is I will now post on Monday instead of Sunday. I've had a recent change in my schedule that makes doing this post Sunday night nearly impossible for me.

My second change is I'm adding my Splinterlands account to the mix. While I like the game I play more for the long term investment value plus a lot of the Steem/Hive purchases are funded by my Splinterlands earnings.

I have one other thing I would like to share with everyone. I am now the sole owner of ToyCardSpec (Toy Card Speculation) a trading card and toy (few other things) something ... yes it never had a clear focus or goal I guess that's why I am now the sole owner. More info on this coming soon. The Steem/Hive account for ToyCardSpec is @toycard.

Now let's get to the reason we are here.


MARLIANS is moving from Steem blockchain to the Hive blockchain. The exact date has not been disclosed just that they want to do it ASAP. So I will not be buying anymore MARLIANS till they move or give a moving date.

Splinterland has also partially moved to the Hive blockchain as of today (June 1st). One of the biggest changes is you can now only buy cards with DEC on Splinterlands or 3rd party sites that uses the Splinterland market. I haven't seen anything posted about the SPT coin on Steem engine yet, so not sure if or when that may move to Hive engine.

Changes, changes and more changes seems to be our theme today. You may have noticed I have added my June goals. Like I said goal makes this fun and exciting. My June goals are not very ambitious but with all the changes happening I would rather go slow that make a blunder buying useless coins. Would be nice if Steem Engine could remove coin totally from the system once they move to another blockchain).

EPIC - still in my doghouse though I did get a dividend payments from them a few days ago. Still to risky for me though.

I will be adding TPU, a voting profit share coin on Steem engine that pays a daily dividend for both Steem and Hive based on the amount of curation and votes done.


Still not posting on HIVE so still no income being generated there to buy more coins. What increases I have had are from curation and transferring DEC from my Splinterlands account to Hive-engine.

The one coin I want to really increase my holding is LEO. Its price though has been climbing steadily the past week and is now around .18234 Hive per coin (as of June 1st). I hope I haven't missed the boat to pick it up cheap.


This is still a work in process as I'm not 100% sure what info I should post. I am very happy that my cards have a $610 market value. Hopefully once things settle down from the move I'll be able to increase my value though I did make Champion III this last season for the first time ever.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and all of this post information is for entertainment purposes only.


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