My Steem Engine and Hive Engine June 29th Report and Ramblings

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Today was a fun day .. had a dentist appointment so they could refer me to another dentist. Oh well let's talk about another subject that reminds me of having teeth pulled.


You may have noticed my list of steem-engine tokens has gotten smaller. GAMER has now fully moved to hive-engine. MARLIANS announced last month they were moving that seems to be on hold for now. SPT is most likely the next to move since Splinterlands has already made the jump to hive-engine.

Now let's talk EPIC, you may notice my 7k+ drop in tokens from last week. This was due to me breaking on of my rules about gambling. That rule is DON'T GET GREEDY. Well I got greedy and made one bet to many. Lesson learned the hard way.

The gains made this week were 100% from curation rewards as I've really lost faith in any of my tokens to do anything. I'm going to step back and see what the market does over the next month.


Well I did make my goal for Spinvest so I'm happy about that. Almost everything else is going to come up short. Also like my steem-engine tokens all gains were from curation.

I guess the question that you all have is why didn't buy more this past week? Simple answer is I feel my steem/hive right now will make me a better return focusing mainly on Hive games like Splinterlands and dCITY plus some for my own project TOYCARD.

You may have noticed I didn't have my Splinterlands update this week. That is moving to my @toycard account as I am now ready to start posting content on toys and trading cards.

Till next time my friends.


I am not a financial advisor and all of this post information is for entertainment purposes only.

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