STEEM POWER lottery FAUCET brought to you by GHOSTBANKER for 06/25/2020

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#STEEM POWER lottery FAUCET brought to you by GHOSTBANKER for 06/25/2020

@ghostbanker is the guardian of great ghost wealth, and is ready to share it with you! Each day one commenter from the previous 24 hours will be rewarded with a hidden stash of secret cash, to be powered up into their account VESTS. We prefer these to be claimed by quality human beings, and will implement such filters as we deem necessary.

Just leave a comment on any of @ghostbanker’s posts to apply.

In this way, @ghostbanker can act as a faucet for new users to escape the terrible gravity of the non-linear reward curve. With future development and automation, we hope to open up more slots available each day.

As way of an application to the faucet, please respond to this post with a brief explanation of the type of content you produce or will produce, as well as your goals to achieve.

##Today’s powerups are



I support this effort!

We support this effort, but should have too much SP to win a power up.

Our goal is to build tools to support builders and developers on blockchain.

Apoyamos los proyectos de desarrollo sostenible!

any comment?

for now, any comment.


Hola, esto es un comentario de pruebas... Probando, probando :)

Bastante interesante esta iniciativa.

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