We Are In Anarchapulco!!!

in #crypto2 years ago


This year me and @jankasparec are here for Anarchapulco in Mexico. And for sure we have met many brilliant and great people with good energy in the conference. They really teach me a lot of things about freedom and crypto. And also we just love the resort so much.

Nice view from our room from 9th floor!




What I enjoy so much is having my chill time next to the swimming pools. When there are beach, swimming pools and beers, whatever we still need? Nothing else :p

Someone was interviewed with showing his masterpieces in Anarchapulco! So cool and I’m so proud of you!

Will gonna post more about Anarchapulco next time:)



Sure seems like a nice place to chill.

I did enjoy it so much:) Such a good holiday!

Any holiday is good.😎

Highly rEsteemed!

Thank you! Much love !

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