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RE: Improve your internet speed and earn passive income with NOIA !

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@danielwrites... I must say you've done a very great job to come up with this lovely and explicit write up about NOIA Network. I have learnt alot from your write up.

In more recent times,data intensive activities such as live content streaming, online gaming, video conferences etc have becoming an indelible aspect of our everyday internet surfing and one would think it commensurate for internet speed to be improved to match the ever increasing demands but unfortunately, that hasn't been the case.

You are absolutely right about this and I strongly corroborate with your statement. Sometimes the internet isn't favourable for me to stream online or watch movies online. This usually get me frustrated sometimes such that I will just have to quit the movie. Also it sometimes happens when I want to download large files online such that the downloading maybe very slow due to the poor network system.

I believe with NOIA Network, this kind of problems will decrease and it will make the internet more attractive to me to surf online and download files easily.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla 😁🙌💗 in courtesy of @crypto.piotr.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences, my friend. Poor internet service can ruin what should be an otherwise fun activity and I know firsthand what it's like.

Most often, proximity from servers and network equipments are to blame for consequent reduction in signal strength . With NOIA running an incentivized system, there is likely to be a swarm of nodes around you in the coming days, so prepare for that swift internet you so desire !

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I can't really wait to be part of NOIA Network 💗😁🙌

Lol . Hope you joined the testnet already ?