Hey I'm with you! Litecoin $25 REALLY?! BTC about to fall below $3K WTF right?! FIRESALE even if prices drop more.............. buy, buy, BUY! Merry Christmas to you and yours as well brother. Enjoy adding to the old cRyPtO portfolio....... I am as well.

Hardest part is deciding on what to pic up. There are soo many good coins on sale. I'm adding to my base coins but getting into some alts super cheap as well.

AND silver is cheap as Hell now too!

Merry Christmas to you and your whole crew man. Heres to a bountiful new crypto year for the forward thinkers!

Here, hear my brother and to you and yours as well! This things gotta' take off sooner or later. Too many of the big boys getting involved not too. As for me I'm collecting tokens at this point such as trybe one, electronium, steem hunt and some others for free. Buying up lite coin and adding to BTC here and there. No matter what I hear I think those two will always be around. Just my opinion. I hav a coinbase account as well and tend to pick up whatever they choose to offer when it becomes available. They've added quite a bit lately. It's a portfolio in the making right?! See ya' round brother!

In about a month's time we'll look back at this image and say, "What! BTC was <$1,5k at some point!?"

I know. Its gonna be crazy looking back on these times.

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manipulation just means buying and selling.... but you seem to be caught up in this delusion that volatility is somehow attributed to a implied immoral or even criminal "manipulation" as if the word manipulation is any more than JUST buying and selling and yes if you HAVE the money to buy or sell a cryptocurrency then yeah duh you can pump or dump the price but unless ur willing to keep it up your gonna end up having the price snap right back as you become just another bag holder or just another tetherUSDT holder...

like it's like your almost implying someone has "hacked" the market and somehow artificially kept prices down lower than they should be but nah that's just the real price on the global free market for btc and just like with gold and silver the price is whatever the market price is and it's due to many factors but we cant just claim things are 'manipulated " because they are volatile... if someone had enough bitcoin to sell to crash the price, that was within their right just like if you had a lot of sterm and you needed to sell you wouldn't like people blaming you for the price of steem being lower all because of you lolol but I know you wouldnt do that man

anyway tho good job continuing posts man! I love ur photo style i do similar stuff but you got some great material like guns and bike metals to use so I apreciate a lot how you compose your shots even if it's a hobby, those few steem you make here and there will pay off especially now that every one dollar post you make is almost 4 steem, when those steem are back to 8 bucks it will be like making 30 bucks for every 1 dollar we make now.... and few people make that much money here so when steem goes back up it will feel so good , I remember back last time I wish I would powered down and kept tether to power up cheaper now, cuz I could have gone from 6k to 60k steempower so remember that never feel bad to power down because you can power up more later... but next time we go up could be even higher because this isnt like producing electric cars or building complex rockets we are just pushing digital tokens that dont cost much to buy just takes people and capital and bitcoin going up.... I feel like one day we can uncoupled but for now we just wait for Bitcoin to go up and steem will always definitely follow like clockwork and so will eos... all coins will follow bitcoin when it finally pops back and when it does we will feel bad for not trusting in btc and not buying more while it was cheap

to manipulate just means to buy or sell !

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