Pornhub and Verge Cryptocurrency - The Future has Cum

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I Have Always Said Crypto Will Really Take Off When Porn Gets On Board.

Here you go, Verge is now accepted by PornHub. This is another one of those important pivots for Cryptocurrency. Watch the video all the way to the end it is really clever.

Link to the Coindesk Tweet About Verge and PornHub.



So PornHub doesn't accept any of the major cryptos with liqudity and a proven track record of security, but instead opts for a crypto that has been successfully 51% attacked very recently?

Something doesn't smell right!


Smells like you missed the boat! lmao

What about dporn which already runs on steem blockchain?

Thanks for the mention @rocksg . We are happy to have a home on SteemIt here. Encouraging the creation of original content porn content on the block chain through our website [NSFW]. We love the fact we are on the SteemIt blockchain creating value around it. The Verge news is very interesting and just shows the value of Pornography has on new technology.

Hope your UI will looks like Xvideos or ElephantTube!
Coz it's easy to find things that we all need to watch :D



Thanks for the idea! Yes, we have some early iterations in the work. The one we have now is a early MVP. We'll have it sorted with the proper categories and an easy to use UI for people to watch their favorite SteemIt Porn.

See you on the site ;-)

Verge just pigeon-holed their coin in a pathetic, last ditch attempt to stay relevant.


The Future Has Cum
This sounds like we're on the Verge of a Sticky Situation

Hahahaha... So is this the mass adoption everyone was talking about?

Ammm those are good news i'm happy i have some Verge.....

I feel we are on the Verge of something BIG!

Hi @hilarski , cryptocurrencies will not disappoint me, I have patience, I have confidence in my investments.
Happy day .

Jaja amazing video. Thanks for sharing this daily update. Is huge news.

Catchy Commercial @hilarski

I just might have to scoop a 1/3rd bag of XVG after that HAPPY ENDING...



Surely it’s a big move for cryptocurrency in mainstream but...

Who pays for porn in 2017?🤔

it's already 2018 friend :)


I like to live in the past maybe🤷🏻‍♂️🙈

Younger is better.😎

Everything sure is changing and that seems another step by crypto ;)

In the coming days many more news are gonna rock these Crypto market !

Thanks for sharing the cool news i must say !

Now I the future has cum, I can see people making panicked withdrawals. I’m not sure this is going to be as big as I’d hoped. What’s do you say?

Buy the rumor sell the news will never be a losing bet.

This is an important step forward. Crypto is just in the beginning stages of exponential global adoption and growth. No surprise that the porn and sex industry will be one of first to adopt. Main reasons porn is online with Crypto being the best means of online payments - fast, cheap, fraud free, censorship resistant and pseudonymous. Many porn sites and live cams have had long standing problems with credit card companies acceptance and charge backs reversals. Silk Road was the first killer use case of Bitcoin which put it on the map. The entire Bitcoin whitepaper is 90% about the use for online payments. Crypto has the advantage to become the money of the Internet for the reason mentioned above: fast, cheap, fraud free, censorship resistant and pseudonymous.

Verge has lost a lot with this anouncement games. You can't anounce an anouncement in crypto. We buy the rumors and sell the news. Pornhub partnership is a good news, but it will cause a huge dupm now. They've played themselves.

RedCoin with RedTube would make a fitting partnership
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Just watched a video on SnipersTube about it. The reality is that Porn is exactly what we need. I have noticed that the price actually fell about 25% after the announcement. I'm not sure what people thought the announcement was going to be about but I can't imagine a better announcement than that of partnership with Mindgeek, which owns Pornhub, Brazzers, Reality Kings, and many other sites.

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Wow...that's some HOT news....just like I think Dporn will be paying out in steem/SBD and accepting steem too :)

Not a bad deal..but not what the market wants. The market wants to be accepted in the mainstream. It wants mommy and pappy to accept it. Getting in bed with a porn site is just more of the same. "Not real usecase"..nothing new. Just an alternative way to pay for porn content.

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That tagline thought hahaha but verge price dropped hard after that lol

The Future has Cum !!!!!

Yeah Crypto gonna make a lot cum in future, this just beginning. Keep watching.