What ICO's Have Had the Highest Returns?

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When I Look Over the List it Reminds me of Why I Love Investing in ICO's!


I took a break from ICO's for most of 2017 because I thought I would try my hand at trading the market. Looking back I would have done much better buying into one or two ICO's every month. When September came along my time became limited due to the launch of Token magic. I no longer could sit and trade for 6 hours per day.

Then Salt happened. My friends were making a killing off of this ICO and I knew what Salt was going to change the space. FOMO set in and I began to look for another platform that would do something similar to Salt. That is when I found EthLend. It was literally the first day of their Pre-ICO. I dipped my toe in because I was wary of tying too much money up in an ICO for 3-6 months.

Then the ETHLend ICO sold out and the tokens hit the exchanges. Within months I was up 25X. I never touched my tokens and do not plan to for a year. I believe this project will be huge. Below is a list of tokens that I bought during ICO over the last few months that I think will do very well.

  1. Decent.Bet up as much as 7.5X since ICO.
  2. INS Ecosystem up as much as 4X since ICO.
  3. Halo Platform tokens are not trading yet.
  4. Fluz Fluz ICO is ongoing.
  5. Copytrack ICO is ongoing and they have a 30% bonus until tomorrow.

With These Kinds of Returns It Makes No Sense in Me Trading All Day Long.

Trading is quite stressful for me. Sure I love the excitement of having huge days but the bad days can break a man. So in 2018 I have vowed to buy ICO's and HODL the tokens for the whole year. I have a friend who has been doing this since he bought his first ICO. That first ICO for him was Ethereum. He literally has not touched his Ethereum ICO funds. Every few weeks he invests in a new ICO, that he finds interesting, and HODL's the tokens. As you can imagine he is very very wealthy now.

So far this strategy is working out great for me. If you are interested in ICO's feel free to join the ICO Hunters Group on Facebook. I am an admin of the page. Happy Hunting!

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Antshares/NEO was a blockbuster slam dunk for early investors. Wish I had the foresight to get in on that train. Hilarski, what do you think about Vechain? That one has a similar setup to NEO with the Thor token.

I am all over VEN! I want a node. I think it could rocket after the rebrand.

I think that ICO’s are so popular because it’s an unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency. An Initial Coin Offering is mostly used by startups to bypass the regulated capital-raising process required by capitalists or banks. In other word it’s a people’s investment.

That is true.

Funny, this is pretty much what I said when I signed up for the Facebook page.


Not sure if this is a sarcastic anti-Facebook comment (totally OK with that) or confusion; the article mentioned an ICO Hunters Facebook Group that I'm signing up for.

No offense.
Kind of both. I never had a FB account.
With Steemit it feels like Facebook has been ripping people off for the entire time just to make majority of shareholders happy.

Eh, I have gotten a lot of value from Facebook, but it has also done a lot of unintentional damage to the US.

I'm just happy that the next gen exiting tech will be supported not by VCs and insiders, but anyone who can navigate ICOs.

Can't disagree with you. ICO's are the most beneficial way to get profits. Just have to be cautious and carefully research about the project.

Absolutely. There are some great investments to be made in ICO's, but there are definitely a fair few bad apples in the mix!

ICO tends to be a deal breaker for all.
Your analogy is true to the point where we need to be conscious and invest in long term.
Keep on steemin'

Thanks for telling me about ethlend i bought it when it was at 0.03 $ ...hodl is key to success ....

what is your views about electroneum ...please give your opinion on it

I don't own it and probably never will.

@hilarski would you mind briefly sharing why you don't like Electroneum?

You mentioned 5 ICOs, I joined them and didn't join others! Wanna do it with confidence! So you re the best source to get a clear picture!


This is so True @hilarski

I love the excitement of having huge days but the bad days can break a man.

They key to success is HODL for sure ;)

It is Learnt indeed in the case of ICO specifically.

Thanks for the valuable tip My Great Friend

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

Neo has been good to me. Send a request to join the facebook group.

Of course INS is one of my favorite, thanks @hilarski for introducing us about INS at its early stages.. Its around $5.6 now..hope for the trending coin of 2018

Yes, it has done very well. I think it will be a $100 token within 18 months.

Well said @hilarski, but need to be listed on more exchanges for more exposure.. and your forecast in crypto is amazing..keep suggesting for us always..

More exchanges are coming. Thanks!

Will definitely go for Copytrack just after finishing this comment.
Thanks a lot dear @hilarski for letting us know useful things regarding cryptocurrency. Newcomers like me always learn lot of tects to survive in this entirely new industry. All the very best and stay blessed !

Wow fantastic report..i also like your post.. @hilarski

i also like his too


After looking at those returns, I definitely have to try my hand at investing in ICOs. Typically, my strategy is just buying and holding the existing cryptocurrencies like Steem, BTC, and ETH when they go down 25-50%. The returns seem much larger in picking up the right ICOs.

ICO's get you in on the ground floor but you have to do research first.

This is very true. There are a lot of ICOs that are not good projects. It will take a bit of research to find the best, sustainable ones.

Great post. I am in INS Ecosystem. It struggling lately, but I believe this coin could skyrocket. The problem whit ICO's is that many are scams. On the other hand if you pick the right one, the ROI could be mind blowing.

It just launched on exchanges 2 weeks ago.

Hello @hilarski


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In the wake of taking a gander at those profits, I unquestionably need to attempt my hand at putting resources into ICOs. Ordinarily, my procedure is simply purchasing and holding the current digital forms of money like Steem, BTC, and ETH when they go down 25-half. The profits appear to be significantly bigger in getting the privilege ICOs.

very intreseting !! it has been experiencing a massive boom in 2017. Blockchain projects have raised over $1 billion since the start of the year by issuing their own digital tokens to investors who want to back their idea, product, or service

Do you use exchanges to buy into ICO's? Or do you find them thru web sites? I'll join the FB group

With ICO's you will need to use MY Ether Wallet if it is an Ethereum ERC-20 token. There are still a few ICO's that use Bitcoin but they are not as popular as before. Never send Ethereum directly from an exchange. Always send it to My Ether Wallet first. That is where the ICO tokens will arrive post ICO. Here is an example, step by step. https://steemit.com/ethereum/@hilarski/how-to-buy-cpy-tokens-during-the-copytrack-ico

When I Look Over the List is very valuable. great information.

100% like and resteem

well good to reas it and i also agree on it but first all of us and crypto investors dont believe on early like now in icos but i think this early invest is more better than the old cryptos @hilarski because its cheap and you get more chances to get a huge profit injust cheap invest ,,,like as those who invest in btc 2009 or 10 11

ICO are good longeterm profit that will come for sure,but it has to be a good project.but its crypto here GREED always kill ,like people who purchased stratis ico in ico sale they did not booked profit @ 450k satoshi ,they missed their high profit.so play good play safe.

Excellent strategy, in my opinion at all times. Thanks for the information.

ICON had a crazy return

It sure did, that was one that I missed.

I am very interested in this, I’m trying to build a future for me and my daughter and I see this as a new way for the regular joe to get a foot in to build wealth. I will check out your page and hopefully learn something. Say hello to me if you want and see if we can [email protected]

Awesome post @hilarski!

A lot of great content from you! I will be following you closely and I've also joined your Fb group!

Please keep going with the amazing content!

thanks for the post..i am not very good at analyzing..so these posts help me alot to understand the situation :)

I haven't understood one thing yet, are all ICOs cryptocurriencies or not? I look lots of whitepapers and get confused all the time? Sorry If this is kiddish,I am still new on this space.

Yes they are all a form of crypto currency.

Just requested to join the FB ICO hunters group! Thanks Randy!

Just got the approval! Muchas gracias, hermano!

Wow, those are impressive returns! I only participated in a couple of ICO's: Wax, Coinlancer, Ecobit... Only one of them worked out nice till now, WAX with a 10x! The last one I did participated in is yet to be determined: copytrack! I think this could be a huge one! Good luck!

I like Copytrack, it is good enough that Kodak is trying to copy them.

Thanks so much for confirming to me that truly this is the way to go; choosing a promising project, grabbing a stake and HODLing for good if not super gains. Kindly check out an article I wrote here https://steemit.com/steem/@jackdickens382/how-to-choose-the-best-ico-to-invest-in Would sure appreciate your comments and advice.

Hiii @hilarski,

That's realy great informations you shared which are much useful for us and also a guideline for new here.

When I Look Over the List it Reminds me of Why I Love Investing in ICO's!

I am now thinking to invest in some coins so i got a way and guideline from your post. Thanks a lot.


Steem On.!

Wonderful report thank you Mr @hilarski 👍

Never heard about the ICO you have bought :)
Actually like I understand a lot of respectable rating guys rate NEX and Open Platform, Hybridblock, Atonomi etc. very well.

btw I have submitted some of them to the ico list
But its not the good ICO time yet, I would not like to miss an ICO like IOTA or Antshares, but in such hard times for Bitcoin - even the good rated ICO like BEE have negative ROI

Thanks for the information Sir. the great news update.useful information

@hilarski Sir,
What ICO's Have Had the Highest Returns? in great topic. that is very important info and great report .

For your post propagation.

your post is the best ,i love you @hilarski


Thanks for the information and great crypto experience. Great is Investing in ICO's. it is good report. thanks for sharing.

Great information and talking in crypto-news.

that's great report boss

thank's to share....

keep it up...

love it.. waiting for next post


a very good investment @hilarski. This is a very remarkable project.

most excellent post, thanks for sharing,
@thank you sir @ hilarski

Most of the Informative post @hilarski.

I am very thankgul @hilarski for giving us useful information about cryptocurrency. New entrants like me always learn useful techniques from you to survive in this industry. stay blessed !

imageAfter watching this, my interest grew a lot, we were expecting this.i will try to invest ICO,s.

What do you think of WanChain ?

ico's should really be part of long term strategies, can't really compare them to trading in my view.
I like to hold different types of investment in this space and my 3 main categories are:

  • mining
  • coin HODL
  • ico

joined the group, interested to join some ico!

Me too

I Agree with you keep updating.thanx

How can I invest some of my steem on those icos? Are there a step by step guide by any chance?

Good information, thank you.

nice stuf!hilarski ! i am really want to invest in crpto! but i dont know which smallest coin to buy ! can you give me link or website name that i research and invest in crypto!

I pray for your friend's project to stay fluent. good friend.

you create a important information....i like it...i hope everybody like your post...thanx for shear it

@hilarski wow good information sir.excellent post.

This may sound stupid but I never knew they even existed . What would you consider as a good one to try out ?

Copytrack and Fluz Fluz.

Thank you , I’ll research more into both of them

Excellent information of crypto-carrency

damn good info ..love that research i should start follwoing you in this

Awesome to see Copytrack already in that top list as its still even going!

nice post on cryptocurruncy
thanks for sharing

Great review Randy!
I had this question in my mind for a while - what are the fastest growing projects of the previous years.
It really helped a lot to save my time and not to look for information on my own.

@hilarski, thanks for sharing this great info. I like the idea of buying into the good ICOs and just holding. I use to sit around and trade markets, but would rather do other things and create value. Buy and hold the ICOs and tokens is much easier to do and not as stressful as trading. I just joined the facebook group. Cheers

ICO's are a very good ways to go over 1000× on investments. I have some friends that have earned much from ICOs but it can also be a way to go broke asap. The key in ICOs investments is to find a legit coin with good developers and project.

You asked the question, but shared the correct answer too

~Followed & Upvoted

Valuable information shared. It gives a clear picture about the profit it makes so far~

Nice post.
your post is so glad full and help full for us...
thanks for learning a good lesson... @hilarski

Yet another masterpiece written by the crypto guru. I'm loving the topic because ICOs are my life's blood anymore and it helps a lot to reference the masters.

Thanks and praise once again for sharing your wealth of knowledge. It's because of you and a few others that my life in the cryptoverse is profitable and most of all enjoyable.

@hilarski...in my view ico is a very profitable way to get huge money..it give a very huge intrest to the what we invest..really its a greate and usefull thing..thank you for sharing with us...

@hilarski Wow Jerry that was a lot of work, thank you!
I will check them out when I get home this evening and can sit down and read.

I also think that ICO’s are so popular because it’s an unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency. An Initial Coin Offering is mostly used by startups to bypass the regulated capital-raising process required by capitalists or banks. In other word it’s a people’s investment.

Every ico is doing great right now wow

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!

and i successfully invested in none of them

Great post wonderful.

@upvoted and @Resteem

Excellent ROI on ethererum

Yupp you made a good profit but it was good if you hold few months because it's only going up not down so maybe positive result in coming months.

ethlend was quite good enough too

Well they are indeed the easiest way to get hands in the money if you get to choose the right one !

Nice post sir.You always uploads interesting and important post sir.I also Upvote and resteem your post.Upvote and resteem done.

ICO's are so exciting if you spend time researching those with great fundamentals. The profits of NEO are staggering, and it must be wonderful for those early investors who ended up becoming millionaires! I am pretty happy with INS at the moment, and can see that one really taking off over the next few months.

I've requested to join the ICO group as I love the idea of finding gems and investing as early as possible!

good informative post sir

Thanks for this post. I’m going to be joining your Facebook group. @blairwarner . By the way, do you remember me from Google Plus days?

I think bitcoin.

Just be courageous, you will make it. Good luck.

Thanks for the detailed information.
Would love hear more about ICOs.

Crypto is very pleased to invest in ICO projects, who want to get good projects come to https://t.me/DropTok, thanks


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