Is The SafeMoon Army On Steemit?

in #crypto4 months ago


I'm curious about how many people are holding SaveMoon and also use Steemit. I have been a part of the SafeMoon Army since the begging of April. My first buy of SafeMoon was for $100 and I received over 242 million Tokens!! I am still buying SafeMoon about every week but my $100 is not getting me nearly as much SafeMoon and I couldn't be happier about it. I am looking forward to their wallets, exchange and most excited about the SafeMoon blockchain. SafeMoon will change the world for the better and I am along for the ride. If you do not know about SafeMoon PLEASE do some research, you will be pleased and I bet you'll buy some.

If you are holding SafeMoon let me know. #safemoonarmy