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BUMO A new Scope and Boat to sail into the Blockchain.

Here let me handle you some advice said a close friend

So Last Night after arriving to my home i started a conversation with a dear friend and musician called @joseacabrerav, at first our topic were the ussual until we reach a really interesting topic, BUMO's steem-sponsored-writing-contest first he told me that there's this contest on wich we can earn some money (mostly he told me those things because here in Venezuela we are all trying to earn some proffit on our day to day lives) but since i'm a programmer i took some interest on the topic and went to their website to verify about their take on BlockChains, because we hear and read everyday that theres a new Blockchain, here invest with us, there trade with our platform, but seriously is there any difference from all the rest? well actually there is!

So the first thing that came in my mind was... 'What on Eath is BUMO and why should i feel interest on it whatsoever.'

The Ubiquitous Trust Network, or at least that's what i read once i hit their website, lately everyone that owns a computer and knows about cryptocurrency understands what to do with their real money in order to get more proffit on the crypto market we use to move the earnings from coin to coin, we all want to get some extra coins at least those that are ambitious. At the same time there are others that treat theirs smart devices and computers just to find entertaiment or expand their reach of social interaction. But BUMO on the other hand covers those ends of the internet and technology and at the same time creates a trust network where "the value can flow as freely as information", with all the current devices on use and the ones that are to come.

I understand about Cryptocurrency but what's the difference with BUMO?

Picture this, my friend @gabs.uni.versos owns a desktop pc and is currently trying to make a living like a producer, let's say he earns 10 SBDs per production all thanks to his hard work and also to all the users that support him on the Steemit Platform, thanks to BUMO public chain everything that he's producing in result could be tokenized, he could even tokenize any script or picture that he come up with, just like i could make a contract with him on wich i could pay him some of my Game Points using the BUMO public chain to produce some in-game footage with his equipment and circulate freely the values with him.

Why should i take interest in BUMO aswell as big guys like companies and investors?

"BUMO's vision is to create a next generation blockchain for ubiquitous value transfer, which is ready for enterprises to use in high performance."

Well just like a said before, no matter the assets we try to use to make a transactions, we often look for the best proffitable way to make a trade and since cryptocurrency emerged it's been better for our wallets or should i say virtual wallets?, but there are these loopholes on the current blockchains like BTC ETH even PETRO that most of gamers, programmers and investors know.

GPU + Energy Power = More Earnings

In todays economy theres a race to earn power and wealth, in the crypto currency side of the digital world it's the same and that doesn't help the small investors and busines at all it just make the competition even more challenging.
If you have the resources you can join a powerhouse or create your own in order to grasp more slices of the same blockchain, and that's common knowledge in 2018, BUMO on the other hand is breaking that wheel in order to avoid monopolization of assets granting us the control over the entire chain in a way that will be Balanced, it won't matter if people come and join, on the contrary it benefits the blockchain raising its value and at the same time making it more stable.

Simple and Comfortable

BUMO has an easy integration, we can create dApps of any kind without any dev knowledge because it have its own template library to choose from for the user to achieve what is needed for the time being and if you feel stuck on its development you can always get some support on their social platforms and the very BUMO interface. It helps a lot to those that don't know to much of app development and at te same time those that don't have enought money or resource to invest on an App for their companies or small busines.

In other words, feel free to checkout BUMO's true decentralization proposal and join their social network to get any answer you seek, personally i'll try to join them as soon as i grasp some bucks for this upcoming christmas.
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wow, this looks very interesting, thanks for the info

Thanks pal! you should check Bumos's website for the details, it actually sounds like a thing from the future!

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