Your transactions as simple as a click.

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OnePageX Your transactions as simple as a click.

Understanding Cryptocurrencies a little

In this last year, cryptocurrencies have become fashionable in our country and undoubtedly there are innumerable questions that a series of articles would need to explain in detail the functioning of these digital currencies, for this reason we decided to make this article where we are going to try to explain some neuralgic points of cryptocurrencies in a way to make more interesting the diverse ways to exchange these new and thriving cryptocurrencies.

Okay so let's say i'm slow paced, What are cryptocurrencies?

It is a decentralized and encrypted digital currency, transferred between people and confirmed in a public ledger through the process known as mining. This process attempts to replace monetary transactions with a digital means of exchange. In the case of Steemit, we can mine and at the same time earn proffit using our own creative tools, like writting articles lyrics, or even participate on contest of any kind just to make people like and comment on your blog to help you grow thanks to the internet and get a proffit according to your harwork and effort.

Mining, earning and then... the trading part.OnePageX

The users of cryptocurrencies send virtual money all the time, from one side of the world to the other, but unless someone registers and checks those operations, nobody could validate a payment at a certain time.

The cryptocurrency nodes leave all payments recorded in a chain of blocks, better known as the Blockchain.

Each time a cryptocurrency is sent, a small commission is charged to pay the miners.

How do we ensure that the operations registered in the blockchain remain intact and no one manipulates it?

This is the role of the miner, when a block of transactions is created, the miners give rise to him monitoring the process taking the information from the block and applying mathematical formulas (programming syntax), converting this information into a "piece of information", which is shorter and in appearance is a sequence of numbers and random letters technically known as "hash", when someone creates a hash successfully is rewarded with the cryptocurrency that is undermining, in short, when a person is legal or natural acquires a hardware specialized in mining, places at the disposal of Blockchain the technical capabilities of said equipment to expedite transactions and for this, receives a payment of the mined currency.

Thanks to OnePageX this could all be way easy at least the exchange part.

Your Pro and your Cons

In recent years cryptocurrencies have been efficient like any other method, it is also much faster than transactions made through financial institutions, and can be used by anyone and anywhere.

The transactions made by these systems are safe because they can not be reversed, they can only be reimbursed by the person receiving the payment.

Is there a true vision here?

"The OnePageX vision is to enable trading most cryptocurrencies with a simple interface. OnePageX Transactions In line with keeping the interface simple, OnePageX allows multiple transactions from one page. Transactions are added in the form of cards that users can come back to and use any time. Transaction Status Indicators The transaction cards indicate the status of each transaction. This is to provide the user with an accurate idea in regards to the state of their transaction."

Simple and Comfortable

However it is necessary to define that for a coin to work, it needs to receive its value translated into efficiency and use, this has been increasing in recent years.

And thanks to OnePageX it never ends to be simplier take really like no time, i wanted to try and see if i could make any exchange, so i took some Steems that i earn last week, and balanced them out using my bittrex account and the transaction tooked no more than 4 minutes, most of the time i lost was trying to get the pace of it without missclick or place the wrong ammount.

In other words, feel free to checkout OnePageX a helpfull and easy proposal for better transactions and join their social network to get any answer you seek.


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