Time For Another Rant

in #crypto6 months ago

So here we are again another Monday. Really starting to get tired of this waking up to a bleeding portfolio.

Starting to doubt this crypto market all together. I think we all this just fell for this bullshit again. How many times can you keep pulling the same trick over and over and over until people realize. At this point really we have no one to blame but ourselves for our greed and stupidity because the writing was on the wall- the whales are cashing out, Bitcoin is struggling sideways.

New projects are coming out every single day which are diluting the market cap in creating this scenario where no project can actually gain any ground. The sad part is to people who are investing in a lot of these know that they're scams or that they could potentially be rug pulls but they don't even care as long as they can make a quick buck and get out before everyone else does. It really is becoming ridiculous and it's making a mockery of our industry to the point where I just want to take a break... I don't even want to be a part of it anymore


So whaT do u think now?