TODAY'S EVENT 21.4.2018

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🔰TODAY'S EVENT 21.4.2018 🔰
1)BitRent (RNTB) - Blockchain Expo of Wanguo💠🌐
2)DeepBrainChain (DBC) - Asia Blockchain Innovation Summit✳️🔰
3)Elastos (ELA) - 2nd UK Meetup🔰💠
4)Insights Network (INSTAR) - Community Competition♻️🌐
5)Internet of People (IOP) - Exchange Launch‼️🌐
6)Internet of People (IOP) - Hydra Airdrop Final Snapshot🌀🔰🌐
7)Lampix (PIX) - Cryptocurrency Workshop‼️🔰
8)LatiumX (LATX) - Community AMA✳️🌐
9)LatiumX (LATX) - Community AMA YouTube💤🔰‼️
10)Loopring (LRC) - Community AMA‼️🌐
11)NEO (NEO) - DevRelCon China 2018‼️🌐🔰
12)Power Ledger (POWR) - Digital + Energy Summit💠🌐
13)SpankChain (SPANK) - Princess Peach on Spank💠🌐
14)Veros (VRS) - End of Token Swap to VerosDH🔰🔰
15(Vertcoin (VTC) - Vertcoin Talk: Episode 3✅
16)Viacoin (VIA) - Community AMA🔰✅


🌸🌸💥💥 Capitalization of Kriptonka increased to $ 350 billion. In this case, bitcoin itself has risen slightly, and in the top 10 kriptovalyut the greatest increase shows BCash. Roger, again, your tricks?💥💥💥💥
Thursday's news:👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
(1)During the first three months of 2018, ICO invested $ 6.3 billion, which is more than for the entire 2017 ($ 5.48 billion). The record was perfectly helped by ICO TON with their $ 1.7 billion 🌲🌲🌲🌲
(2) BitGo's purse provider announced the support of ERC20 tokens. At the moment, 13 tokens are added, corporate clients of the service can already use them🍎🍎🍎🍎
(3) On the trading blockbuster platform Batavia, founded by the bank UBS and IBM, the first real transactions✨✨✨✨
(4) Parity developers proposed a way to unlock 513k ETH ($ 279m) of users without the Ethereum network's hardware, which was frozen on November 6, 2017. Better late than never...👑👑👑