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Can my allergies help you choose an ICO?

Not long ago we had a problem in our attic with insulation. Like so many others I went to one of the home repair sites that is nationally known. I found a contractor that would insulate our garage attic. The contractor had raving reviews on the site and was highly recommended. I saw no detracting comments so we hired him. He made a mess of our house. While he was in the attic he tore holes in the ac ducting. Then we had fiberglass insulation being blown into our home. I’m allergic to fiberglass so I had to move out of my own house. The damage was so extensive that we had to spend $7,000 to have another contractor come in and replace all the duct in our entire house and then $4,000 for new AC because our air handler was contaminated with fiberglass and would have contaminated the new ducting.

The original contractor made several appointments to come back and repair the damage but never showed up. I had no recourse with the company that had sent him to us. They would not let me post about the contractor. Their solution to fixing the problem was to close our account. They offered no support or help. We eventually discovered that the man who did our insulation was a problem everywhere he went, but you couldn’t find that information on the home repair site because they let these contractors write their own promotions.

I soon discovered that the problem with virtually all of these home repair recommendation advertising service provider middlemen is that there is no checking on the advertising that their contractors put on their sites, so you could get a guy that has 100 complaints against him at the Better Business Bureau. The trap is when you use one of the services you are made to believe they’ve done all of this verification and research for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is in their interest to allow as many contractors as possible to list on their site so they can get a service fee. Generally, they don’t care what happens to you. Unless you are doing that checking yourself you’re depending upon the review service that you are using to purchase that work.

The simple fact is whether you have an apartment, or a condo, or your own house or several houses, regardless of how handy you are, at some point we all need the help of a professional. Historically, people found their own contractors. The internet created a way for agent entrepreneurs to consolidate the home repair industry. There’s no limit to the number of providers that are willing to link you to a contractor and take a fee for the connection. However, until now there’s been no guarantee of quality. What this industry has needed forever is a company that will link validated verified contractors with homeowners and then stands by the recommendations they make - all the while providing a smart contract for the actual transaction.

If you read us you know that we’re big believers that eventually real companies would find blockchain. The real opportunity for investors is a real company that has a history, has a product, has a management team, has proven it knows how to do business. It was always predictable that they would discover blockchain and figure out a way to improve their business, improve their service and bring a better product to the public through blockchain. That’s what we are seeing today with

Bob's repair is an existing agent that has tied customers to contractors more than 50,000 times to date - off blockchain. That is an impressive record of quality service. It is a great model of allowing customers to verify and review contractors and then rate contractors on an immutable blockchain record so other customers can see exactly what they are getting. If you’re a customer in a specific area Bob’s ties you to vetted contractors who specialize in exactly what you need to be done.

I’m in Tampa Florida and if I need to have a light hung I go to Bob’s, I identify what I want to have done and Bob’s gives me several choices of contractors within my area. I’m able to contact those contractors directly. The prices are already agreed-upon. And they’re very reasonable because you’re really not paying the big percentage middleman fees. The contractor comes to your house. He does the job and the payments are all by the token and seamlessly protected by a smart contract.

This is another ICO we think has enormous potential to create wealth because it has unlimited utility for not just home repair, but it is possibly a valid model for all service providers in all sectors. You can sign up for the airdrop here. Bob's is also giving bonuses for phase one purchases as well as an amazing lottery token give away.

Purchase as little as .08 ethereum worth of BOB and in addition to phase one pricing and bonuses, you get entry into a token lottery that will make several lucky people rich.

Blockchain repair services like Bob's have created a new model where they create a token that their customers can purchase, and can be used to set smart contracts. They work on the ETH network and contractors get paid with those tokens. So if you’re a customer you agree on a job, you know what the job is going to be, you find the job through Bob’s repair. The contractor comes, completes the job, Bob’s knows the job has been completed and the contractor gets paid right there. Any disputes are handled by Bob’s repair. It is perhaps the most genius use of the blockchain in the real word I have seen to date.

Join the airdrop today. Think about buying in phase one.

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