Crypto was all a big joke they played on us

in #crypto3 years ago

The people who have been "buying it cheap" the whole way down.

"Shit... it's under $10k!!!"

"Good time to buy it cheap!"

Well, now it's less than half of that. Which one was a lie? Or were they both still technically correct?

Some people that that any price is a good one to buy Bitcoin at. I'm starting to think they were on to something. Just work and work, buy as much Bitcoin as you can, and wait for December of 2019 because you saw that random cryptic tweet as well.


great gif my dear friend ezgif-5-c9155123ff.gif

So true.

I was told that crypto goes /, then it goes \ . I try and remember that after it goes /, then it is soon gonna go \ . And Vice Versa.

Soon will be a great time to buy though. ;)