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Recently I found out about a new platform that wants to help businesses get direct feedback from customers, reward them and use the power and knowledge of the crowd to answer questions. Basically a Quora with a twist - that also rewards its contributors.

Well, I'm intrigued.

The platform is called CrowdHolding.
As they are based in Prague I had an oportunity to meet some of the team working behind it so at least I know it's real. And they already have a product, which to me is a great sign as many ICOs don't even have a product.
So from that point of view it looks good.

The Concept

What about the concept?
I like Quora. I am not an active user as that's just an overload of information but I love it nonetheless. I even contributed few answers myself and everytime I got an email saying how many people upvoted it or how many people saw it and found it helpful ... Let me tell you, that feeling of helping someone is priceless. Especially as I shared a personal story so it was not some wishy washy bullshit....
It was my bullshit :D.

Though with CrowdHolding, not only would I have that great feeling, but I'd also get rewarded if peole find it helpful. Kind of like Steemit, but more presonalized. You;d know there's a need and yu'd step in to fill it.

Maybe I could finally pursue one of my dreams of being a life coach ...

And that's exciting. Differnet people helpig each other, getting rewarded and in turn making them share even more and the whole world becoming a one big cosy beautiful place.

Well, that's probably not the core driving force behind CrowdHolding but I like this idea :D. It's good to have ideals.

But there's more ...

Get percentage of the earnings from a company

People want to make things.
Other people need things.
Though sometimes people don't make things other people actually want.

That can be solved with design thinking and customer centric approach.

But what if you could also help co-create a product you'd use and love and on top of that get rewarded if the company profits?

Sign me up.

Let's take OnePlus as an example.

A phone company that launched its first smartphone and it was directly talking to its dedicated customers and fans. The fans helped and defined the phone. This way, the customers got a a product they want and love - insanely strong and cheap smartphone - and the company got what it wanted - loyal fanbase, early adopters, free feedback, customers who will actually buy their products and paying customers.


Now imagine if you could be part of OnePLus from the beginning but on top of that you'd also get rewarded with their profits if they become succesful.

Well, this would motivate you even more.

And this is another thing CrowdHolding brings to the table.

I will play with the platform as a user and post my feelings about it, too some time later.

ICO Landing Page:

What do you guys think? How is it different from Steemit?
Do you use Quora? Would you use this?

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This would be interesting to see. This is something Steem can do but this one seems targeted to the consumer crowd. We'll see where this goes.

Yeah, Steem could potentially do that, too. That was one of first things I asked the Team when I met them - what's the difference from Steemit.
I am as curious as you to see where it goes.
There's a chance I'll help out the team, too. So "of course" after that it will be a huge success :D.

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